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Will Watermelon Benefit Kidney Disease or Worse Kidney Disease?

Is it suitable for kidney disease patients? let's see.
Watermelon is good for high blood pressure. Watermelon contains some elements to reducing high blood pressure. According to there are plenty of water, people eat it will increase urine frequency and reduce bilirubin and improve defecation.
Fresh watermelon juice and surface can elevate skin and reduce wrinkle.
Watermelon can also clean away summerheat, stabilize your mood when tired and hot.
Meanwhile, it contains sugar and fluid which can reduce renal inflammation.
Who can not eat watermelon?
1. kidney insufficient patients can not eat too much watermelon
Kidney insufficient patients can not eliminate too much water if they ingest too much.
We all know that kidney insufficient patients can not drink too much water in a very short period. Damaged or insufficient kidneys can not eliminate water as effective as before. Too much fluids build up in blood will cause heart failure.
2. Cold patients can not eat watermelon
Doctors think that there are two types of cold, and no matter anemofrigid cold and anemopyretic cold, before knowing the root causes, eating watermelon will exacerbate cold and delay its recovery.
3. Diabetes patients can not eat watermelon.
Everyone knows the good feeling of eating watermelon in hot summer. But, if a diabetes patients eat too much watermelon, will not only exacerbate the kidney, but increase the blood sugar.

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