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Stronger flavor having in a long term might cause the kidney disease



Salt is one of the important nutrition substances in our daily life ,however; the more you have the more harmful you might get . The expert alert that with long term of having high salt food tend to cause kidney diseases . According to the research , it shows that there are many of places that have 16 gram of salt for everyday which is significantly over the world -health organization recommendation of 5gram for everyday each one (“safe line”).
It also triggers kidney nephritis and cardiovascular disease such as diabetes、hypertension and for about 80% kidney disease patients are with hypertension as well . However the patient with kidney disease of hypertension reach to 80% are volume-dependent hypertension.That is to say there are high concentration of sodion within the body because the sodion might save the water and it also called “retention of sodium and water” in the medical field . For all patients to have low-salt food is the basic clinical treatment requirement .
The expert suggest that if the someone has too much dinner party or like to have stronger taste foods , the fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended to have more . In order to excrete the salt, twice a week exercise is essential for you . On the other hand, eating salt-free food once a week its benefit for balancing the permeating pressure of intra-cellular and extracellular . Eventually, the taste you have might gradually transfer into bland taste . Though , the slat-free food is not recommended to have frequently , twice a week is the best , otherwise the balance of sodion might messy up , not good for your health also .
You can calculate the needs of the slat per month , in order to avoid to consume over amount of slat . its standard is for about 6gram per day . To remain that the chicken essence and the soy sauce also contain (6ml slat ) ,others like preserved ham or ham contain common salt which is not quite recommended to have more in your daily basis .

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