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Tube blockage in Peritoneal Dialysis

 Peritoneal dialysis is one of the most effective methods in treating Chronic or Acute Kidney Failure. Compare with hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis is more convenient, safer, less affecting cardiovascular and more suitable to metabolism of human beings. As it is adopted in clinic, there are still some complications concerning peritoneal dialysis like blockage in tubes which will cause failure of peritoneal dialysis. Tube blockage results from many factors.
Bend or shift of catheters
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The most common cause is bend or shift of catheters, which is related with unsuitable postures or habits, such as sitting with crossed legs, constipation etc. Tube blockage also can be found in two weeks later after patients receive the application of catheter in abdomen, which may concern enterocinesia increased by dialysate in peritoneal dialysis or the over amount of dialysate at the first time.
Abdominal infection
Infections in abdomen will increase inflammatory exudate, which cause abdominal adhesion and block the tubes in dialyser. That is why peritoneal dialysis needs the strict aseptic manipulation and clean environment. What’s worse, abdominal infection is the main factor endangering patients in peritoneal dialysis.
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Fibrin clots blocking tubes
This kind of blockage can occur at any time in receiving dialysis, especially at the early stages. Some scholars consider that this tube blockage is related to the increase of protein in dialysate because of the deposited toxins stimulating mesentery, increasing celiac exudate and excess protein intake. If the white fibrous clots can be seen in dialysate, tubes blockage may occur sometimes in peritoneal dialysis.
Other reasons
Abdominal distension and enteroplegia are popular among patients in peritoneal dialysis. With the slow enterocinesia, the more gas will infuse into the tubes and block the normal flow of dialysate.
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The most serious danger is peritoneal dialysis catheter being enwrapped by omentum in peritoneal dialysis. It is important to prevent and find this blockage early. Otherwise, it can not only make patients shift to hemodialysis but also endanger their lives.

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