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How Do Polycystic Kidney Disease Family Have a Healthy Baby

Polycystic Kidney Disease, as one genetic disease has been paid much attention to. The difficulty of treating Polycystic Kidney Disease and uncontrolled heredity bring too many problems to patients and the whole family. For young patients, they wonder whether they should have a baby and whether they can have a healthy baby. Actually, it depends.How Do Polycystic Kidney Disease Family Have a Healthy Baby The Odds of Giving Birth to a Healthy Baby:
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Generally, the genetic odd between boy and girl is equal. If one parent is suffering from PKD, their children are at 50% chance of experiencing this disease. If parents are suffering from the disease, their children are at 75% chance of experiencing this disease.
That is to say, to give birth to a healthy baby, patients with PKD had better not marry patients with PKD. And then they have 50% chance of giving birth to a healthy baby.
If gene therapy for patients with PKD occurs, patients are more likely to have a healthy baby.
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What Should Patients Do to Give Birth to a Healthy Baby:
Patients should control the growth of the cysts, which will help prevent kidney damage or Kidney Failure. If their cysts can be treated in the early stage of this disease, it is probable for patients to have a healthy body. That is to say, patients can live without discomfort with the multiple cysts in the kidneys. And then they have energy to give birth to a baby.
How Do Polycystic Kidney Disease Family Have a Healthy BabyAll in all, patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease should think it over. No matter whether they would like to have a baby, they should make their disease treated first.
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