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Protein Diet for You with Kidney Failure at Home

Nearly all the people with Kidney Failure have known that high quality protein diet is the nutritional treatment which they should obey as a law. If patients are in hospital, the diet is the obligation of physicians and nurses. However, if they discharge from hospital, what should they do to control the intake of protein well? There are some tips for you, and I hope can help you take nutritional treatment when you are at home.

Excessively limited intake of protein will lead to malnutrition, however, excessively intake of protein may do harm to kidney. According to medical expert’s research, there is a basic method for the people with Kidney Failure.

For the people with kidney disease, the intake of protein should range from 0.6g to 0.8g per 1 kg every day, for example, if your weight is 50kg, the intake of protein should range from 30g to 40g.Are Fenugreek Seeds Good for Kidney Failure Patients

The intake of protein should reduce corresponding with the degree of Kidney Failure, for example,
♦When the person is at the early stage of Kidney Failure with serum creatinine 2.5mg/dl, the intake of protein should range from 0.7g to 0.9g;
♦When the volume of serum creatinine arrives at 5.0mg/dl, the intake of protein should range from 0.6g to 0.7g.
♦If the person has Diabetic Nephropathy, the intake of protein should be more than the Kidney Failure without Diabetes, the increased volume ranges from 0.05g to 0.2g.

Many people may ask everyday we only eat dozens of grams of protein, will we feel hungry? In nutriology, the volume of protein which should be taken does not refer to the total volume of the food. Since the food not only contains protein, but also water, fibrosis, fat, starch and so on.

The volume of protein which 100g the following foods contain
Lean pork: 16.7g
Beef: 20g
Chicken: 23g
Grass carp: 17.9g
Rice: 2.6g
Potato: 1.9g
Pumpkin: 0.5g
One egg: 5g
What Can I Eat If Have Kidney Failure
What I mentioned above should be paid attention to by the people with Kidney Failure, which plays an important role in nutritional treatment. To overcome the Kidney Failure should depend on the efforts made by all of us. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on line.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Treats Polycystic Kidney Disease

As a patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease, have you tried Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? If not, please read the following information which will offer you the details how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats Polycystic Kidney Disease.

On one hand, effective ingredients in Micro-Chinese medicines have function of expanding blood vessels. By expanding blood vessels, blood circulation in cyst wall can be improved. As a result, blood pressure in cyst wall decreases. When blood pressure in cyst wall lower than pressure inside cyst, cyst fluid will leak out and then get into blood vessels. With blood flow, these fluids will get out of our body finally. Moreover, improvement of blood circulation in cyst wall help to soften cysts, which makes cyst fluid get out of cyst easier.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy For PKD

On another hand, by acting on cells growing in cyst wall, active substances in Micro-Chinese medicines can restrain the generation of fluid, so as to control the persistent increase of cyst. Fluid inside cyst is excreted by cells growing in cyst wall. Micro-Chinese medicines are composed of different types of herbal medicines. Some of types of medicines have the ability of restraining the excretion of epithelial cells. When cells in cyst wall stop excreting fluid, then the cyst will stop enlarging.

This is the general introduction about how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats Polycystic Kidney Disease. Through restraining the generation of cyst fluid and reabsorbing cyst fluid, cyst can be shrunk effectively. In fact, besides these, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has many other functions such as anticoagulation, anti-inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix. What is more, all these functions are helpful in treating Polycystic Kidney Disease.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Now, are you clear about the progress of treating Polycystic Kidney Disease with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? For patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease, owing to the persistent increase of cysts, receiving effective treatment timely is vital, because ineffective treatment not only offers patients bad treatment effects, but also makes them miss the optimal time for treatment. Therefore, patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease, do not waste your time, receive effective treatment is the only way for you to choose.


Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Work for Kidney Failure with 12% Kidney Function

Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work for Kidney Failure with 12% Kidney Function? Do you still think that dialysis and kidney transplant is the only way and hope for kidney failure patients with 12% kidney function? The condition was changed now. Call for ONLINE DOCOTR.

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy work for kidney failure?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Failure Patients

Why kidney failure patients choose dialysis and kidney transplant? The mainly reason is due to that kidney failure patients will have very little kidney function due to severe damage on kidneys. So that the function of kidneys can not work well for human. There will too much toxins and wastes products in blood and body which will increase the burden and risk for people’ s life. So that kidney failure patients need to choose dialysis and kidney transplant with the purpose of eliminating toxins and wastes in blood and saver their life.

While although Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is different from them, but it also has the functions which same with them. Furthermore, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy do not have damage and side effects on patients and kidneys.
Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy improve kidney function for kidney failure patients with 12% kidney function?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Cost

That is the different between this kind treatment and dialysis. Dialysis will lead to anemia for kidneys which will increase the damage on kidneys and make the condition more and more worse with long time dialysis. While Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will supplement necessary nutrition and blood for kidneys to help them repair damage and restore kidney function in some degree. So that it should be a good choice for kidney failure patients with 12% kidney function who want to improve kidney function now.

Can I Do the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at Home

If you want to have a try about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for kidney failure to restore kidney function, please leave us a message or send email to us. We will help you as soon as possible.

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How to Treat for PKD and Kidney Failure without Kidney Transplant

PKD,Kidney Failure,Without Kidney TransplantPKD as a kind of kidney disease, it is one of the most difficult to control in the world. In most time, common western medicine can not help patients shrink cyst and easily to lead to infect, so that seems like that kidney transplant is the best choice. Do you think so?

You can consult ONLINE DOCTOR to get the answer about this question.

 Swelling in Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatments

But over here I can give you the answer too. Kidney transplant is not the only and prefect choice for patients with PKD. We know about kidney transplant are easily to lead to a lot of complications and due to rejection after transplant that patients have to take medicine for the rest of their life. Do you know what is the meaning of that? That means you still to survival as a kidney disease patient which need to take medicine every day and have to worry about transplant kidney will fail again.
Furthermore, find a donor is one of the most different thing for patients too. So that for this kind of condition, maybe Conservative treatment with Chinese medicine can have a much better curative effect.

Stage 3 Kidney Failure: What Steps Can I Take to Prevent Serious Matter

Why Conservative treatment with Chinese medicine is better?

Chinese medicine treat for PKD is a new invention in the world, which is really popular in the world now. Chinese medicine is different from hormone or western medicine, it treat disease from root not only control symptoms.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is good at treating PKD without surgery. With this kind of treatment, patients do not have to worry about infection happen, it will reduce the risk for patients to take transplant. Chinese medicine in this treatment can shrink cysts, repair damage on kidneys, restore some certain functions for kidneys. As long as PKD controlled well and have chance to work again, that kidney transplant can be avoided effectively.

What Does Stage 3 Kidney Failure Mean

If you want to know more about PKD an its treatment-- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, please leave us message or contact with us by the following contents. We will try our best to help you.


Que faire pour Kidney Taille 7cm Sans dialyse et transplantation rénale

Que faire pour Kidney Taille 7cm Sans dialyse et TransplantThe taille moyenne d'un rein humain adulte est d'environ 10-13cm de long, environ 5 à 7,5 cm de large et environ 2 à 2,5 cm d'épaisseur. La taille 7cm du rein est plus petit que le rein sain. Avec rénale retrait, la fonction rénale peut être affectée, puis une série de symptômes tels que le niveau élevé de la créatinine, des nausées, des vomissements, des démangeaisons de la peau et le manque d'appétit apparaît. alors, quel est le traitement pour les reins retrait sans dialyse et la transplantation rénale?

Quelles sont les causes du rein retrait?

D'abord, si moins de sang est fourni à reins, les néphrons ne seront pas en mesure d'obtenir suffisamment de nutriments et de l'oxygène d'alimentation. Cela entraînera néphrons nécrotiques progressivement. Deuxièmement, la dépréciation de néphrons est un autre facteur attribuable de rein retrait. Infection rénale à long terme et autre maladie rénale chronique peut affecter néphrons.

De cette analyse, nous pouvons voir le traitement clé pour les reins retrait est de fournir plus de sang pour les reins et réparation blessés néphrons. Seulement de cette manière rénale retrait peut être traitée.

Quel est le traitement pour les reins retrait?

Dialyse et transplantation rénale sont deux traitements communs pour les maladies du rein, mais ils ne peuvent pas réparer blessés tissus rénaux. De cette façon, les reins retrait ne peut être traitée. Dans notre rein hôpital de Shijiazhuang hôpital des maladies, la Chine, nous recommandons le traitement Toxine-Retrait qui comprend de nombreuses thérapies de médecine chinoise tels que Medicated Bath, Bath Medicated pied, thérapie moxibustion, Mai Kang Mélange, soupe médicinales et thérapie moxibustion, etc. comme son nom l'indique, il peut aider à éliminer les toxines de votre sang et les reins afin de vous fournir un environnement de sang propre. Avec un environnement de sang propre, nos médicaments chinois peuvent jouer leur rôle pleinement. Ils peuvent aider à élargir les vaisseaux sanguins, améliorer la circulation sanguine, de prévenir l'inflammation et la coagulation, de dégrader la matrice extracellulaire et fournir des éléments nutritifs. de cette façon, plus de sang et d'oxygène seront transportés vers les reins. Cela peut soulager les reins retrait radicalement. en outre, d'autres symptômes comme des nausées, des vomissements, des démangeaisons de la peau, le manque d'appétit et des crampes musculaires peuvent être gérés fondamentalement.

Le traitement pour les reins retrait 7cm est de notre hôpital Toxine-Retrait de traitement. Il peut aider les patients à améliorer la fonction rénale afin d'éliminer une dialyse ou une greffe de rein. Si vous avez des intérêts dans notre thérapie, vous pouvez laisser un message ci-dessous ou consulter notre médecin en ligne directement .

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Ce qui fait Muscle Twitch dans la maladie du rein

Ce qui fait Muscle Twitch dans rein Disease.Muscle tic est un symptôme fréquent de la maladie rénale. Mais savez-vous ce qui fait tic de muscle dans les maladies rénales? Aller sur la lecture, vous trouverez la réponse.
Troubles -Metabolic

Lorsque vos reins ne peuvent pas bien travailler pour filtrer les déchets du sang, l'équilibre du pH et de l'électrolyte. Il est probable pour vous souffrez de troubles métaboliques, conduisant à contraction musculaire.

-Manque De nutriments dans l'alimentation

patients rénaux ne peuvent pas profiter de ce qu'ils aiment manger. En raison des restrictions de régime, vous pouvez avoir une carence en certains minéraux, comme le potassium, conduisant à des crampes musculaires.

Les effets secondaires -Drug

Certains médicaments comme les diurétiques et les corticoïdes peuvent provoquer ce trouble. Dans un tel cas, vous pouvez changer les médicaments pour soulager

En outre, le stress, des exercices, le manque de sommeil, la dialyse, une surdose de drogue et ainsi de suite peut donner lieu à un tel symptôme aussi bien. Pour se débarrasser de celui-ci, en plus d'un traitement conventionnel pour soulager la douleur, vous devez réparer des dommages aux reins et à améliorer la fonction rénale. ici, nous recommandons un traitement systémique de la médecine chinoise pour vous. Il comprend de nombreux types de thérapies de la médecine chinoise, tels que la médecine osmothérapie thérapie de vapeur Micro-chinois, Medicated salle de bain complète, baignoire Medicated pied, thérapie lavement, thérapie Circle, thérapie Navel, etc. Ils peuvent favoriser la circulation sanguine pour éliminer la stase. Lorsque le flux sanguin devient fluide, crampe musculaire sera allégée. Ils peuvent également expulser les déchets hors des cellules rénales et de sang pour faire un environnement interne propre pour les reins endommagés pour se guérir. Tout dans l'ensemble, ils peuvent vous aider à configurer un bon environnement de sang pour les reins endommagés pour se guérir. Avec l'amélioration progressive de la maladie rénale, tous les symptômes associés seront sous contrôle.

Ce qui rend les muscles se contracter dans les maladies rénales? Maintenant, vous avez un esprit clair de la réponse. Si vous avez ce problème, vous devriez consulter votre médecin ce que sur la terre provoque et ensuite prendre un traitement correspondant à la soulager. Pour plus d'informations sur le traitement des maladies du rein , ne s'il vous plaît contacter un médecin en ligne ou laisser un message ci-dessous.

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Creatinine Level Is 5? Do Not Be Afraid!

Many patients have such a question: my creatinine level is 5, could I avoid dialysis? Do not be afraid, your condition could avoid dialysis if you find the proper treatment. Now let us give you some guidance to help you treat your disease actively, get the biggest effect on your condition and reduce your creatinine level. Only you have a high quality life, your family members could set their minds at rest.

What Are the Adverse Effects of Excessive Creatinine in the Human Body

If the creatinine level increase to 8, we call it uremia in clinical. It shows that almost kidney function has lost and the kidney cannot work again. In the body of the environment disorder, renal fibrosis, renal tubular atrophy, the resulting damage is irreversible. As we all know that the kidney is the organ of our body to carry out the function of blood filtration, metabolism and so on. When the cells in kidney have been damaged to a degree, the renal cannot play a normal kidney function so that cannot maintain the function of blood filtration and other functions. It would lead to much toxins and waste accumulate in glomerular basement membrane which could progress the renal fibrosis and lead to many symptoms such as swelling, protein in urine etc.

How to Lower Creatinine Level 7.09 With Herbal Treatment

In clinical treatment, there are two kinds treatment could help uremia patients: western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine usually use dialysis and kidney transplant to improve patients’ condition, but there are many side effects of these treatments. However, the method of traditional Chinese medicine not only could relieve the symptoms, also could treat the root of disease at the same time. And traditional Chinese medicine has a strong restorative and drug resistance which could help patients repair their damaged kidneys and improve the kidney function.

Medically Approved Diet to Reduce Creatinine Level

If you want to know more information about TCM( traditional Chinese medicine) therapy, you can consult our online doctors or leave your contact way below which our doctors will contact you in 24 hours.

What Medicine Is Out There to Stop Progression of Protein in Urine

Protein in urine (Proteinuria) is one of early symptoms for patients with kidney disease, which means the kidneys has been damaged. With progression of the condition, patients may prone to suffer from more symptoms like fatigue, swelling, malnutrition, etc. Therefore, a appropriate treatment plays an important role in stopping the condition.

Conventional therapy

Chinese Herbal Medication for Too Much Protein in Urine

Generally speaking, patients with protein leakage in urine are suggested to keep a low-protein diet, whose purpose is to decrease the kidneys’ burden, and take medicines like ACE inhibitors and ARBs to treat proteinuria and protect kidneys.

In addition, steroid drugs and immunosuppressant are commonly applied to relieve protein in urine. We do not deny that the medicines can help control proteinuria rapidly, however, we have to admit that long-term intake of western medicines also will have side effects for patients. What’s more, when they stop taking the medicines or reduce the dosage of medicines, protein in urine can be worsen again.

Will Drinking Alcohol Increase the Protein in Urine

Comparatively speaking, Chinese Medicine Therapies are much better than western medicines. Because Chinese herbs have no side effects for renal disease patients. So far, in China, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital makes full use of the Chinese herbal medicines to treat a series symptoms and complications of kidney disease. So if you can come to China for treatments, you can add my whatsapp/Viber +8615512139310 for learning more details.

Well then, what are the Chinese Medicine Therapies?

One of the most popular treatments is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. On the basis of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, dilating blood vessels and expelling immune complexes, the activate ingredients in Chinese Medicine can come to damaged kidney tissues directly with the help of osmosis machine. In this way, damaged kidney can be repaired and patients’ kidney function can work again. Thus, proteinuria can be blocked.

Kidneys Leak A Lot of Protein: How Do I Stop It

Other assistant therapies like Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Acupuncture, Enema, Mai-Kang Composition, etc not only controls symptoms but also treat the disease from the root. Besides, they have no side effects and is much favored by kidney disease patients.

Natural Remedies to Treat Blood in Urine

Blood in urine or hematuria can be visible by naked eyes or only with a microscope. Because it is one indicator of urinary system disorders, we would like to introduce some natural remedies to manage blood urine.

Firstly, we should make clear the causes of blood urine.

What Are Reasons for The Increase of Urea Level

Many conditions can trigger blood to leak through the urine, but this problem is mainly associated with urinary system diseases such as kidney tumor, kidney damage, urinary tract infections, kidney stone, urinary tract stone, urinary tract tumor, and so on. Different causes need different managements. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the underlying cause before taking any treatment.

Because we are from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we mainly talk about the condition in which hematuria is caused by kidney damage.

Secondly, patients should have more rest in bed.

Why Is There Blood In Urine Form Renal Failure

No matter which is the direct cause, patients with blood in urine are always suggested to have more rest and avoid overwork or high level of physical activity. This can prevent urinary tract infections and the aggravation of blood urine.

Thirdly, eat more foods that are good for these patients.

As introduced by renal dietitian, patients are suggested to eat celery, parsley, the horse orchild, day lily, fresh lotus root, peanut, and so on. These foods can help ease patients’ blood urine to some extent. To determine what foods are good for you, you can email to kidneyservice@hotmail.com.

Lastly, accept herbal therapies that can manage blood urine.

If blood urine is due to kidney damage, some herbal therapies that can help repair damaged kidney cells and rebuild kidney filtering structure effectively. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one therapy that can help rebuild kidney structure and keep blood cells from leaking effectively. Try it, so you can find an obvious difference.

Gross Blood in Urine with Lupus: What does This Mean

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