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Symptoms of Ruptured Kidney Cysts

Some patients with kidney cysts always pay no attention to their cysts because there are not any symptoms caused by cysts. However, kidney cysts especially those large cysts really have the chances of rupture, if it happens, a series of symptoms can appear.
So what are the symptoms if kidney cysts are ruptured? Lets’ look at together.
Generally speaking, if renal cysts are ruptured, that often leads to pain, secondary infection or uncontrollable bleeding, inflammations or even Acute Renal Failure, etc.A 1.9 x 2.1 cm Cyst on My Kidney: Should I Be Worried
Blood in the urine, or called as Hematuria, is the most common symptoms of ruptured kidney cysts. If the case of hematuria is light or mild, blood may be undetectable to the eye and it can only be detected by microsope. On the other hand, if the case is severe, the bleeding caused by cysts can be visible during urine excretion. And often, complex cysts, for example, Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) are more likely to cause bleeding when kidney cysts’ ruptured.
Pain can be felt whether the renal cysts rupture or not. One of the reasons for the pain is the result of oppression to the kidney tissues caused by continuous enlargement of kidney cysts, and moreover, different locations of cysts also result different degrees of the feeling of pain.Pain and Frequent Urination With Kidney Cyst: Cause and Treatment
If some cysts are ruptured, they often cause the pain in the parts of back, side abdomen, ribs and hips, etc. And the pain could be either dull pains or intense pain.
Another possible reason for pain related with renal cysts is infection. The liquid in the cysts will spread to other parts of the body if the cysts are ruptured.
Another important symptom of ruptured kidney cysts is hemorrhage(bleeding), as well as sepsis.A Cystic Growth with Size of 5 Centimeters on Kidney: What Is This According to experts, sepsis is the body’s reaction to infection. The inflammation that occurs with sepsis can reduce or prevent the blood flows to other vital organs, which may lead to the damage of other organs or even Renal Failure.
I guess that you may get some knowledge about the symptoms of ruptured kidney cysts now. In general, the bursting or rupture of these cysts often leads to serious consequences. So patients with renal cysts should be much careful and take treatment at an early time. Maybe our hospital can help you!

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