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Symptoms of Bilateral Polycystic Kidney Disease

Bilateral Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of congenital kidney disease with the characteristic of bilateral kidneys involvement. The danger of Polycystic Kidney Disease is severe which include the diseases’ progression into Renal Failure. So understanding the symptoms of Bilateral Polycystic Kidney Disease is helpful for early prevention of the disease.
Generally the symptoms of Polycystic Kidney Disease appear and aggravate as time goes by. Next let me introduce them for you.A 1.9 x 2.1 cm Cyst on My Kidney: Should I Be Worried
When these cysts are very small(usually less than 3cm), at this time the patients often have no obvious discomforts or symptoms. Most patients are usually not found out these cysts on their kidneys if they have not to go for inspections due to occasional reasons. At this stage, urine routine may demonstrate little or no protein, slight or no occult blood.
At this stage, normative diet, appropriate sports and prevent fatigue are always suggested so as to control the growth speed of cysts and reduce their harms to kidneys.Pain and Frequent Urination With Kidney Cyst: Cause and Treatment
If these bilateral polycystic cysts continue to grow and reach to the sizes between 3-5cm, at this moment, patients could feel occasional discomfort in the waist or back. And, clinical urine inspections can show urine egg white+, ++, and moreover, occult blood increases.
At this stage, the situation cannot be solved just by diet, sports and taking care, etc. we need to take necessary treatment now in order to control the development speed of cysts and avoid a series of complications.A Cystic Growth with Size of 5 Centimeters on Kidney: What Is This
If we miss this chance, renal function will be endangered and moreover, treating large cysts usually much more difficult than treating those small ones.
In case these kidney cysts have grown exceeding 5cm, the patients would have obvious symptoms such as lumbago, and most patients have the phenomenon such as excessive urination at night, urgent urination, and frequency of urination, etc. Besides, some patients may even can touch the mass or lump in the body’s renal area.
Now I think you may get some knowledge about some symptoms of bilateral polycystic kidney disease. As a matter of fact, bilateral polycystic kidney disease is very serious, and if this disease is not well controlled, severe complications may appear. Hope we can help you if there is a need from you.

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