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Kidney Function and Cyst Enlargement

Many patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease will experience the decrease of kidney function due to the cyst enlargement. Well then, whether the cyst enlargement will cause decreased kidney function. Let's discuss it detailedly.Is There any Treatment for PKD and Polycystic Liver
We should know that the older patients are, the bigger the cysts are. With the cysts growing, the kidneys may damage the kidneys due to the distention of the pedicle of the kidneys and traction of the surrounding tissues. Gradually, the kidneys may be damaged and the kidney function will decrease.
If the kidneys are with countless big cysts, the normal kidney tissues will be replaced by the cysts. If so, the kidney function will greatly decrease.What Are the Symptoms of ADPKD
That is to say, unlimited cyst enlargement will cause decreased kidney function gradually. If the cysts will not grow big enough to damage kidneys, patients' kidney function is more likely not to decrease. In other words, whether the kidney function will decrease mainly depends on the size of the cysts.
To avoid the decrease of the kidney function, patients had better make their cysts well treated in the early stage of the disease. To control the size of the cysts, we should make the endothelial cells of cyst wall inactivated. If the endothelial cells are inactivated, fluid that forms the cysts will not be excreted. By this way, the cysts will be well treated.Is Drinking Orange Juice Daily Bad for PKD
Besides, patients had better watch their diet and keep away from drinking and eating spicy food due to their stimulation to the growth of the cysts.
We can see that to avoid experiencing the decrease of kidney function, patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease should receive effective treatment to make the growth of the cysts well controlled earlier. If patients succeed in restraining the size of the cysts, they are more likely to avoid suffer from the decrease of kidney function.
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