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Instruction of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Required Components for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:
  Osmoscope, Osmotic medicine, penetrants, two electrode plates, one vessel, one power and one heating furnace.
  Operation of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
  1. Soak the osmostic medicine with penetrant in a vessel. If it is the patients’ first time to take this treatment, they need one of bag of osmostic medicine soaked with one bag of penetrant. In the following time, the dose of medicines should be in line with doctors’ advice.
  2. Heat the soaked medicine bag evenly and thoroughly with heating furnace or microwave oven at home for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Electrotherapy
  〈1〉Put a sanitary mattress about 50*70cm on bed in case the overflowing medicines contaminate the bed.
  〈2〉Lift up the middle of the sanitary cloth and fold it in the shape of “n”, the height of which exceeds that of the medicine bags.
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  〈3〉Put the two electrode plates on the sanitary mettress and keep the plates’ upper edge 5 cm away from the edge of the sanitary mattress. The wire edges of the two electrode plates are slightly far than the opposite ends of the two plates, showing the shape of trapezoid.
  〈4〉Put the well-heated medicine bags on the two electrode plates respectively, isolating with sanitary cloth in the middle.
  〈5〉Press and flat the two medicine bags with your hands.
  〈6〉Patients lie down with their renal area, almost the small of their back, right on the two bags. That is to say, make the two kidneys locate in the center of the medicines bags and lower edges of the two kidneys 10cm up the two frontal carinas.
  〈7〉After patients lay down, doctors will switch on the power and choose electrotherapy mode. Normally, doctors will turn the amperage knob gradually from left to right to change current until they feel comfortable and get used to certain amperage. The amperage can be increased according to their tolerance.
  〈8〉Time in electrotherapy. Each period for the osmoscope is expected to be 45 minutes. According to their feelings, patients can take two periods each time about 45 to 90 minutes. Taking a good rest during treatment, patients can listen to relaxing music.
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  〈9〉Finishing the treatment, patients can get up and dress themselves to avoid cold after cutting off the power and wiping out the medication fluid at the renal area gently with a warm wet cloth.
  The above is the osmostic electrotherapy process of Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy, which should be taken twice a day. Experts keep in touch with you if you have some discomforts or other problems.
  Notes for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:
  1. The medicine bags must be put right under the renal area of patiens, or the expected effect can not be available.
  2. Press and flat the medicine bags to make skin touch the bags closely without crevice.
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  3. The medicine bags should be with suitable humility. Too dry bags will elevate the resistant while too wet bags cause short circuit easily. Medicines fail in penetrating into the body.
  4. Temperature is suitable as long as patients feel comfortable. Too high temperature will cause burn, while therapeutic effect would not be available if temperature is too low.
  5. Choice of Amperage
  〈1〉Low current should be applied to children or patients with diseases like diabetic nephropathy, PKD, severe hematuria and proteinuria.
  〈2〉As for other nephrotic patients at different stages, amperage should be suitable when they feel comfortable.
  6. Micro-Chinese Medicine is an externally applied safe therapy, which has not been found with side effects in clinical practices of many years so far. During the treatment, please contact your doctors in time, if you have discomforts.

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