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How Long to Live For Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis

How long to live for kidney failure patients on dialysis?
It is a little difficult to answer this question. In real case, the life expectancy varies greatly, from months to several or many more years. For a diabetic patient, a patient with cardiovascular disease, or elderly patient, the prognosis and life expectancy will be much poorer than others. In latest medical treatment field, new chances of improving your kidneys have been available for patients to boost up survival time and enjoy a high quality life.
At What Stage Does Someone with Kidney Problems Get to Be Put on Dialysis
In present medical treatment field for kidney diseases, it is a rooted concept that dialysis and kidney transplant are the only treatment options for kidney failure patients. Within years of dialysis, patients may find themselves manage their condition well with some occasional complications. However, in a long course, they may find themselves making less and less urine and becoming weaker and weaker. Cardiovascular diseases, infections, hypertension, malnutrition are long-term life risks for dialysis patients.What Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of Dialysis
In our recent communication with Sarish, he told us the condition about his mother, who, after 14 years of dialysis, was very weak and was sent to home by the medical doctors so as to finally leave the world at home. It made me tears out. Frequently feeling the great regret, we sincerely hope kidney dialysis patients can accept effective treatments at early time.

Natural remedies of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and stem cell treatment are our featured therapies for kidney failure patients. If patients have not started dialysis, there are great chances of getting rid of it.

Why does Creatinine Increase after Kidney Transplant

Patient: .My husband had a kidney transplant about 5 weeks ago. We were monitoring his fever, which was 99, so called the transplant team and went to get some blood work and urine test. His creatinine level rose from 1.5 to 2.6. He has no symptoms whatsoever. He is going for a biopsy today. It sounds like acute rejection. What should we do now? He had been doing well all along. He is taking Cellcept and Repamune. Will these medicines change? What can I expect, we are devastated because he was doing so well?
Expert: it is a pleasant thing for me to answer your questions. As you may have guessed, there are a lot of reasons that are responsible for the increase of creatinine in the patients after kidney transplant. Among the various reasons, kidney rejection and infection are the most common reasons.
As you may know, renal biopsy could really determine whether the elevation of creatinine is caused by the rejection or by the infections as well as its harming degrees. If it is caused by the rejection, then strong anti-rejection medicines could be used; while, if it testifies that it is induced by the infection, then medicines could be focusing on the anti-infection drugs.

May this will help you. More questions are welcomed to consult us

Why Does Cyst on Kidney Keep Growing and How to Prevent It

Renal Cyst (Kidney Cyst) including simple cyst (cortical kidney cyst and
peripelvic kidney cyst) and complex cyst. The cyst of both types may grow gradually and become very large sometimes. Why does the cyst on kidney grow gradually? How to prevent developing of the cyst on kidney? Read on to learn more.
Why a kidney cyst keeps growing?
Renal cysts can present at birth (congenital) or acquired later due to obstruction in the kidney tubules.
It may be caused due to underlying diseases and disorders. For example, renal cysts are more common among people with polycystic kidney disease, medullary cystic disease, medullary sponge kidney and chronic renal failure.
Those who undergo frequent dialysis, especially hemodialysis are susceptible to develop renal cysts. What Vitamins Can Be Taken for the Cure of Cysts on the Kidneys
Tapeworm infestation can also lead to the development of renal cyst
How to prevent developing of renal cyst?
Firstly, daily health care could be an assistant treatment for kidney cysts. Pay more attention to following tips in daily life.
How to prevent developing of a cyst on kidney?
Preventing urinary tract infection effectively What Are Natural Remedies for Elderly People with Kidney Cyst
Patients with Kidney Cyst should avoid vigorous physical activity and abdominal trauma. When the renal enlargement is obvious, patients should prevent belts from being too tight, which can avoid rupture of a cyst on kidney.
Controlling blood pressure: It plays a decisive role in protecting renal function. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Natural remedies shrink cyst on kidney-Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
The traditional Chinese medicine can shrink cysts effectively. This is because the active materials in the medicine have functions of restraining sac liquid being secreted by epithelial cells of cysts. And then the cysts on kidney will stop growing. Some herbs used in the medicine can dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which could change the pressure in cysts and blood vessels on cysts wall. Then permeability of cysts wall will be promoted and sac liquid will be taken away. Finally, cysts on kidney could even shrink.

If a renal cyst keeps growing, one needs to pay more attention to daily health care, if it is still growing persistently, treatment is suggested.

How to Treat Bilateral Renal Cysts

Bilateral renal cysts mean there are several different sized cysts which are not
interlinked with outside. Many patients who suffered with it are confused on how to treat these bilateral renal cysts.
Treatment for these renal cysts needs some attentions in daily life. These attentions are summarized in the following:
●Keep a pleasant and optimistic mind and build up a confidence in conquering the disease. How Can Renal Cortical Cyst Be Cured with Medicine
●Prevent violent activities and avoid abdominal wound, and also, prevent the waistband over fastened in case the cysts are bleeding.
●Scientific medications strictly according to the prescriptions by the doctors. Pay attention to address both symptoms and root causes.
●Diet attentions should be paid attention by patients. And notice that for the patients with Renal Insufficiency or in the later-stage of Renal Failure, bean products and animal protein as well as oily foods should be restricted.
●Keep a regular check-ups every half year. And the inspections often include blood pressure, urine routine, renal function, B ultrasound, the aim of which is to monitor cysts’ changes. How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) If There Was a Way to Get Rid of Cysts and What Caused the Kidneys to Have Cysts
●Avoid intakes of all the nephrotoxic drugs.
The above mentioned measures could be used to the prevention of the growth of bilateral renal cysts. However, that is not enough. When the bilateral renal cysts are growing exceeding 3cm, normal treatment should be adopted as soon as possible. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Western treatment for these bilateral kidney cysts are confined to surgical operations, which mainly includes such as Drainage and Decompression. The disadvantages of both methods are obvious, for example, they could not remove these cysts fundamentally, and so on.
Aiming at the defects of Western medicines, we propose Micro-Chinese Medicines based on traditional Chinese medicines. Active substances in Micro-Chinese Medicines can directly enter into the kidneys’ lesion parts through external application, medical bath, foot bath, and etc. After getting to the kidneys’ damage parts, these nutrient substances will nourish the damaged glomerular filtration membrane in Glomerulus as well as repair the impaired renal tubules.
By the effective treatment toward these bilateral renal cysts, these cysts will gradually begin to shrink and disappear. At the same time, we could achieve the aim of preventing the turn up of new cysts.

Above are the simple introductions of how to treat bilateral renal cysts. If you want to know more, consult us so that we can help you.

Herbal Treatment for Renal Cyst

Nowadays, along with the development in medical field, many herbal methods are
emerging endlessly in the treatment field of Renal Cyst. Here, I want to recommend one of the superior treatments--- Micro-Chinese Medicine .
As you know, as the treatment of Renal Cyst and other Kidney Diseases, most of the time we use drugs, dialysis, or kidney transplant. Luckily, Micro-Chinese Medicine, as a natural herbal treatment for renal cysts and other kidney diseases, give patients the hope of reversing impaired kidney functions and healing your kidney diseases.
Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy plays its part in the dealing with cysts mainly in the following steps:
■ Expand blood vessels surround the cysts.
■ Accelerate the permeability of cysts’ walls.
■ Boost the reabsorption of cysts’ liquid to the blood vessels.
■ Restrain the persistent secretion of epithelial cells.
■ Impel cysts’ shrink and disappear. Natural Herbal Medicine for Polycystic Kidney Disease
Besides the above mentioned functions provided by Micro-Chinese Medicine, it
also has the functions of restoring the renal functions:
■ Provide nutrient substances that are useful for the repairing of kidneys, such as different kinds of vitamins, trace elements, prgammoc acid, amino acid, etc.
■ Activate the DNA in the damaged tissues and accelerate the synthesis of proteins in the tissues. Herbal Medicine to Get Rid of 17.5mm Kidney Cyst
■ Help the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissues.
■ Boost the restoration of kidney functions. Herbal Medicine for 8cm Simple Renal Cyst
From the above we can see that Micro-Chinese Medicine can provide the
necessary nutrition substances for your kidneys, so your kidneys will start to heal itself, at the same time, your kidney functions will improve and restore.
Here I want to mention those excellent advantages of Micro-Chinese Medicine, maybe you have not heard about it, so I want to list them in the following:
■ No any side effects.
■ Complete and thoroughly treatment
■ Quick desired effect
■ Easy operation
At the meanwhile when you are accepting the herbal treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine, you will be suggested to keep a balanced lifestyle, appropriate exercises, reasonable diet habit, etc. all of those specific plans will be drafted by our experts according to your specific conditions.

I believe that you may have some understanding about this herbal treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine. If you are suffering from kidney cysts or any other kidney diseases, you can really count on us.


What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy - Kidney Diseases

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy develops from traditional Chinese medicine
(TCM). Different herbs will be used in this therapy for different kidney diseases.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
In Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine which is a kind of natural remedy is used. In traditional Chinese medicine, herbs play a great important role although there are other very famous treatment methods such as acupuncture, massage, etc. More than three hundred herbs that are commonly used today have a history of use that goes back at least 2,000 years. Over that time, a vast amount of experience has been gained that has gone towards perfecting their clinical applications. Often, herbs may be used together because the combination is more effective and may have fewer side effects. Chinese people always look for herbs when they got diseases. Even many people in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia regard Chinese medicine as their first line of defense in maintaining health and combating disease. In the long time clinical practices of Chinese herbal medicine, some herbs are found very effective on treating kidney diseases, including Polycystic Kidney Disease, Nephrotic Syndrome, IgA Nephropathy, Nephritis, Purpura Nephritis, etc. How to Treat Kidney Failure With Chinese Medicine
Micro-Chinese medicine Chinese Medicines Stop Progression of Kidney Disease
Usually Chinese medicine is taken orally, but it is very bitter. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine shows its effects after a long time. Then it is more difficult for people to stand the bitter. And some herbs may also have side effects to kidneys. Hence experts of kidney diseases developed a new external way to use the medicine in recent decades. The medicine that is micronized is called Micro-Chinese Medicine. How Sure That Chinese Treatment Will Stop Kidney Failure
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Some herbs will be micronized and osmosed into kidney lesion from skin because a part of the kidneys are near the skin. This therapy is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In this therapy, osmosis devices are used to help osmosis of the micro-chinese medicine. This new technology is caused Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a unique technique in Shijiazhuang Kidney disease hospital, China at present. And this osmotherapy has been practiced in clinic for more 20 years. In 2011, the hospital has received about 6,000 patients with kidney diseases. And many foreigners received this treatment

Can Unhealthy Diet Habit Cause Renal Cyst?

Similar with Polycystic Kidney Disease, Renal Cyst can also arise from many
factors. Maybe you just know some factors such as infection, genic mutuation and congenital maldevelopment, however, have you ever thought that can unhealthy diet habit cause Renal Cyst?
Unhealthy diet habit has close relationship with many diseases, including Renal Cyst. Then what does unhealthy diet habit mean?
● Improper diet. Improper diet refers to overeating or eating too little. Overeating has bad influence on digestion of stomach and absorption function of stomach. In addition, overtaking can also cause blood circulation barrier. As to eating too little, it will cause malnutrition. Can PKD Patients Eat Oats Meal
● Dirty diet. Dirty diet means eating contaminated foods. For people who eat these unclean foods, they are easy to get gastrointestinal diseases and even poisoning. Can a Heart and PKD Patient Eat Ladyfinger
● Diet preference. For example, eating too much cold foods will damage our stomach and eating too much hot foods will give rise to accumulation of heart in gastrointestinal tract. I Am a PKD Patient: Is Aloe Berry Nectar Good for Kidney
Damage to our body caused by unhealthy diet habit is obvious. All the diet mentioned above can affect For patients with Renal cyst, they should avoid taking spicy foods such as hoe pepper and liquor, chocolate, coffee, marine fish, shrimp, crab, processed foods as well as polluted foods such as bad foods, leftovers and barbecue foods. In addition, smoking is also not permitted for patients with Renal Cyst. Apart from these, greasy foods, foods which are rich in protein and fat as well as bean products are also should be avoid for patients with Renal Cyst, especially for patients with renal failure.

Unhealthy diet habit has such a bad influence on patients with Renal Cyst; therefore, they ought to get fid of this bad habit. One more thing I should mention is although get fid of unhealthy diet habit is very important, the most important thing for patients with Renal Cyst is to receive effective treatment as soon as possible if their cysts have caused renal damage. For more information, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

How to Deal with Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease, means that the kidneys are unable to fulfill their work
effectively. Then for the patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, how to deal with this disease?
If you are just been diagnosed as CKD, you will face the fact on how to deal with the CKD. Just as people with some kinds of diseases, patients with CKD also need to make adjustments both physically and emotionally.
Patients with CKD may be advised to make your modifications on your diet, your living styles, medication attentions, as well as other cautions. When the disease of CKD itself can harm the body heath for the patients, at the meanwhile, these patients may experience the emotional changes and may become feel fear, anger, or depression. So not only the disease of CKD itself is needed to treat, patients with CKD are also needed to learn how to adjust their unfavorable emotions.
Simply speaking, patients with CKD could find their suitable approaches from the following tips: Must A Person with 20% Kidney Function Go on Dialysis
1.Participat into communities with CKD patients
Always remember that you are not the only one who suffer from CKD. Believe that there are lots of patients who are also suffering from CKD. You may find them in your living communities, or you may find the online communities for CKD patients. Talk with them and share them with your experiences are helpful in providing you with emotional support and dispel your anxieties. What Else Can I Do for CKD Stage 4 Besides Dietary Restrictions
2Get help from your communities online or offline
Internet has provided us with lots of helpful and useful advice. You may get the help you need from your living communities, the web forums, or the doctors available online. And you may find us on Skype, Facebook, forums, by which, we are viable for you anytime. My Kidneys Are Only Operating About 17%: What Does That Mean Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
3.Deal with your outside signs for CKD
When the kidneys are continuously decreasing, patients may experience many signs for CKD, and these signs are either swelling, or loss of appetite, even or the body weight loss. You should not deal with them carelessly and blindly, because they may be the early signs for CKD.

These are the basic guidelines on how to deal with CKD for these patients. And, you are suggested to talk with your doctors or our online doctors whenever you have any needs.

GFR 60% with PKD, Heart Disease, pl Suggest the Treatment Plan

Question: Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia. Cardiovascular
disease there. Fatigue. GFR- 60. The amount of urine per day is 1.5 - 2 liters. Biggest cyst 6 cm.
Advice for your present condition:
In Polycystic kidney disease, the cysts are likely to increase gradually. Once the cyst is over 3cm, the possibility to rupture can increase a lot. Now the biggest one is 6cm, so you must take precautions to avoid its rupture. Bending for long should be avoided, strenuous sports should be avoided also, like football, cycling as well as sexual life, any external pressure can increase the incidence of cyst rupture. Your present urine volume is approaching normal range, that means there are still many functional cells in your kidneys, so it is quite necessary to take treatment to halt the aggravation of your condition.
Complications: Is There Any Alternative Treatment at Stage 4 PKD
In our clinical cases, some PKD patients have cysts not only in their kidneys but also in their liver, pancreas and even brain, with the aggravation of their condition, how about your condition? How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
Treatment suggestions for you:
As you know, all our metabolisms are finished by those functional cells. When these functional cells get damaged, our body will be in disorder. Meanwhile these functional cells get impaired, they will release some inflammatory factors and they can further impair the healthy cells. As mentioned, you are in CKD 3rd stage, and the functional cells in your kidneys have three conditions, healthy one, impaired one and damaged one. Now we adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to protect the healthy cells and restore the impaired ones. Is There Any Cure for Polycystic Kidney Disease
Introduction about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant:
Just like its name, Osmotherapy is given externally, and it is made from various traditional Chinese medicines based on your specific condition. With the help of osmosis device, the active ingredients can penetrate into your kidney through urinary bladder channel in waist area. You can take this treatment by lying on your back, and you can feel warm and massaged during the treatment, safe and comfortable. This treatment can restrain the hyperplasia of cystic cells and the release of cystic liquid; also it can increase the permeability of cystic wall, so cystic liquid can be discharged with the blood circulation. In this case, the enlargement of cysts can be halted so they will not bring increasing pressure to kidneys.
In addition, the active ingredients are refined from herbals and minerals so they contains essential materials for cells, they can provide healthy cells with requisite nutrition. This treatment can block the aggravation of healthy cells and restore impaired cells. This treatment is given 2-3times every day as per your reaction to the medicine, and usually patients can feel effect in 7-10days, there will be obvious change in their urine, color, appearance and quantity. Their energy can also get improved.
When your condition gets improved, stem cells can be transfused into your body. Cell therapy is to replant cells in her kidneys. These implanted cells are collected from fresh umbilical cord. After collection, cultivation and purification, they are transfused into your body by veins, just like dripping. These cells are undifferentiated cells so they don't carry antigen on its surface, your body will not identify them as invaders so there will be no rejection. These cells have great homing ability and they can reach the focal lesion directly to differentiate into functional cells to replace those damaged ones.

For the complications, with the aggravation of PKD, their kidney may fail to work completely. In that case, they will surely have more complications like heart disease, gout, arthritis and so on. You need consider that now because your present condition is in 3rd stage. According to my experience, after strict consolidation treatment and daily health care, your cysts can be halted and you need not take repeat treatment.

The Importance of Dialysis at an Early Stage

For many patients with kidney disease, dialysis may be a familiar thing to them.
But, do you have enough understanding about dialysis? In this article we will look at the importance of dialysis, especially the dialysis at an early stage.
In recent days in our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we accepted a serious patient. This patient is in the end stage of renal disease(ESRD). When she came here, this patient already show the serious complications, including severe anemia, high blood pressure, throwing up, heart failure, etc. At What Stage Does Someone with Kidney Problems Get to Be Put on Dialysis
The condition at that time is very urgent for this patient, if there is any slight delays, the patient may have life dangers. So experts in our hospital immediately establish the treatment plan for him. After about one month's treatment, the patient has finally gotten rid of life dangers. And all his symptoms begin to alleviate, also, his urine begins to increase, and his serum creatinine starts to decline. What Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of Dialysis
After the careful understanding about his disease, before one month ago, this patient relative has already consulted us by phone, although his disease at that time is serious, but, there is no the symptom of heart failure, at that time doctor advised the patient accept the "dialysis at an early stage" based on the reason that purely Western treatment plays no substantial function for his disease, instead, the disease is still progressive slowly. At What Stage Does Someone with Kidney Problems Get to Be Put on Dialysis
But unluckily, for the suggestion of"early dialysis" advised by doctor, both the patient and his relative cannot understand, they have the doubts in their heart just like "why i should start dialysis when i have not gone far to that extent?" or "dialysis is not good, because if i start with it, i may not get rid of it anymore", etc. Can Kidney Function Come Back If Start Dialysis

Just due to that misunderstanding toward dialysis, the disease of patient so progresses so quickly and there appears severe symptoms, for example, the heart failure mentioned above. If the patient could accept the idea, such as "early dialysis", given by the doctor, then he would not develop into severe conditions, such as the heart failure. So the dialysis at an early time is very important under some conditions.


What's the Difference between a Renal Tumor and a Renal Cyst

People with renal cyst (simple renal cyst/complex kidney cyst/PKD) may doubt
that: What is a cyst on kidney? Is a cyst a tumor? What's the difference between a renal tumor and a renal cyst? Could a cyst on kidney be cancerous? Take a look about the answers.
What is a cyst on kidney and what is a tumor?
A renal cyst is a sac that can be filled with air, fluid or other material. Most cysts on kidney are noncancerous (benign). A renal tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue. It is solid. A renal tumor can be benign or cancerous (malignant). But since more tumors turn out to be cancerous than cysts, tumors always need to be thoroughly checked out ASAP.
Severity of a cyst on kidney and tumor How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
Simple renal cyst is very common and has no risk of becoming a kidney cancer. Up to 50 percent of people older than 50 years of age have kidney cysts. Complex kidney cysts can develop kidney cancer such as RCC, though its risk is low.
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is the most common inherited cause of chronic kidney disease. PKD can cause the kidneys to fail.About 50% of ADPKD patients will require a dialysis or a renal transplant by the age of 60 years. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Renal tumor could be cancerous. If it is benign, it is better to observe it closely or remove it because it may develop to cancer. If it is renal cancer, the survival rate depends greatly on how far the disease has progressed at the time of diagnosis. Early diagnosis has good prognosis. If the cancer has invaded other organs, the patients strong can help a lot according to the cases we know.
Treatment for renal cyst and renal tumor What Are Natural Remedies for Elderly People with Kidney Cyst
Renal cyst
Surgeries and natural remedies can remove a cyst when the cyst is very large or cause any symptoms. For complex renal cyst and PKD, early treatment is suggested. Although a cure for autosomal dominant PKD is not available, treatment can ease symptoms and prolong life.
Renal tumor
Doctors typically rely on surgery for localized tumors. Besides it is better to remove it ASAP. If one develops kidney cancer, Radical Nephrectomy- is the most common treatment for renal cell cancer.

A cyst is not a tumor and the cyst seldom changes into a tumor. But the cyst also needs treatment in some situations.

What do You Do with Cyst on Your Kidneys

Most people are found out kidney cysts accidentally in an inspection conducted
due to other reasons, then, they have lots of doubt on these kidney cysts, for example, are these cysts harmful to the body? What can we do these cysts? For these doubts, I want to give my suggestions.
According to medical experts, early treatments for these cysts are very important, whether these cysts are congenital or acquired, both of which are needed to get early treatment so as to control the unceasing deterioration courses of these cysts.
Treatment for these cysts includes a lot of aspects which includes dietary treatment, daily attentions and regular checkups as well as the effective treatment and so on. How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
Keep a proper diet which is beneficial to the treatment of your kidney cysts’ problems, for example, remember to stick to this principle of low salt, low phosphorus, low fat and low protein, but high vitamin foods.
Daily attentions include many details in your life. For example, you should not fasten your waist band too tightly! Otherwise one of your cysts would be ruptured by powerful strength. Likewise, avoid those fierce physical activities so as to prevent the burst of your cysts. What Vitamins Can Be Taken for the Cure of Cysts on the Kidneys
You need also to take regular checks with a series of test such as CT, blood test, urine routines, etc. By these regular checkups, you could monitor the changes of your cysts. Those changes could be an alert for you on your next measurement. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Though we could adopt those measures mentioned in the above, we indeed also need to receive an effective treatment for dealing with these cysts.
There is really not only one way that we can go in the field of treating kidney cysts. Western surgery method is not the life-saving straw. While Western surgery has a lot of advantages together with some degree of dangers, we find better treatment in Chinese medicines.
Due to the abnormal body immunity, cysts’ lining epithelial cells are stimulated so they continuously generate and secrete lots of liquid. Immunosuppressive agent could be used to inhibit that course. At the same time, Chinese medicines are also used to better inhibit the generation and secretion of renal cysts.

The last, always keep a pleasant heart and mood. You should not be upset by those cysts on your kidneys. Hope you now have a better understanding about your kidney cysts.

Treatment for Kidney Cyst

Nowadays, there are more and more people who are diagnosed with kidney cyst. So
treatment for these kidney cysts should be considered.
It is not easy to cut off the cyst in operation. While it is easy to cut off the renal cysts that are on the surface of kidneys, it is quite difficult to cut off those cysts deep in the kidneys.
Luckily, we have found out method in Chinese medicine. While patients with relatively smaller kidney cysts are advised by Western physicians that these cysts really do not need treatment, patients just have no awareness that they are just losing the best treatment chances for these cysts.How Can Renal Cortical Cyst Be Cured with Medicine
Why I so that? Don’t you think that it is too passive that we do nothing but just waiting these cysts’ growing up? Absolutely it is! We must take some actions. We all want to eliminate these cysts before they grow up. Chinese medicine especially the newest technology of Micro-Chinese Medicine has lit the hope for patients with kidney cysts. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
The treatment for renal cysts by Micro-Chinese Medicine is mainly illustrated in the following two aspects.
One: those active constituent of Micro-Chinese Medicine can directly enter into the lesion part so that they could control the growth of these cysts as well as inhibit the secretion of cysts’ liquid, by means of which, cysts can be prevented from growth at an early time. How to Shrink the Cyst With Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)
Two: as for those cysts which have already grown up, the blood circulation surround kidney cysts could be improved by the function of vasodilator effect brought out by Micro-Chinese Medicine, thereby, the liquid inside renal cysts will be taken away by blood circulations, and eventually these cysts will shrivel and disappear.
At the meantime, Micro-Chinese Medicine can replenish those nutrient substances such as organic acid, vitamins and so on, which are just what kidneys really need in its repair aspect.

So, Kidney Cyst can be treated by Micro-Chinese Medicine, which will become flawless if it is combined with another newest technology---Stem Cell Transplant. All of these technologies have been applying in our hospital in the treatment of kidney cysts.

What are the Healthcare for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

For the patients with Diabetes complicated with kidney diseases, infection is a
horrible thing for them, because infection could lead to terrible results. Then, how to prevent the infection for the patients with kidney disease and Diabetes?
We could prevent the infections from the following aspects:
1.Skin Healthcare
For the patients with Diabetes and kidney disease, due to the reason that in the body of these patients the concentration of the blood sugar is high as well as the deposition of the uremic toxins in the body, so the virus is suitable to proliferate and patients may easily feel itchy, when the skin is scratched to rupture, infection is easily to occur. Lower Creatinine Level of a Diabetic Person With Eye Problems
For these patients, they should especially pay attention to the hygiene from many aspects, such as cleaning with the warm water, frequently washing the clothes and bed sheet, cleaning the parts surrounding the anus and perineum, etc.
2.Healthcare for the Swelling and Bedsore Advice for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients on One Month Dialysis
If the patients are in the state of light edema, then restricting the activity is the choice; for the patients with heavy edema, then stay in bed and uplift the lower legs are the choice. Besides that, strictly sterilization is necessary before any punctures, changing the body positions frequently and treatment for the patients with bedsores using medicines or infrared ray.
3.Foot Healthcare Can Diabetic With Creatinine 5.2 Undergo Retina Surgery
For the patients with kidney disease and Diabetes, blood vessel lesions are easily occur, which could induce the limbs ischemia or obstruction of blood vessels and then, inducing the tissue necrosis. So pay attention to the healthcare of the foot part, such as do not wear the too tight shoes and keep its permeability.

SO, these are the basic points for the healthcare of the patients with Diabetes and kidney diseases, if these healthcares could be combined with the effective treatment, such as Immunotherapy used in our hospital, then these kinds of diseases could get a better treatment results.

How Many Treatment Options for Kidney Failure

Many patients with Kidney Failure are always asking how many treatment options
for the treatment of kidney failure. In order to help many patients have a general understanding about these doubts, i here will list the basic treatment options for kidney failure in the following.
At present, the main treatment options for kidney failure mainly include the following types:
First: General Treatment How Can I Slow Down the Progression of Kidney Disease and Prevent Dialysis
General treatments include such aspects as dietary nourishing, nutrition treatment, the maintenance of the body internal environment, and the symptomatic treatment, etc. Among those low-protein diet and nutritional nourishing is the most basic and effective measure.
Here i want to mention the Chinese rhubarb and its preparations. It has the function of improving the healthy kidney tissues' high metabolic state, alleviating the magnification of the remaining renal tissues and inhibiting the proliferation of the mesangial cells, so after the use of this medicine, the process of the Renal Insufficiency could be delayed.
Second: Special Medications What Is the Right Treatments' Choice for Kidney Failure Patients
Special medications are helpful in the delay of the process of Renal Insufficiency. For example, the use of ACEIs could reduce the high blood pressure, alleviate the glomerular sclerosis, and reduce the urine protein; long-term use of sodium acid sulfate can correct the acidosis and the formation of the ammonia and improve the metabolism of protein and urine uric acid, etc.
Third: Alternative Treatments
The kidney alternative treatments include gastrointestinal dialysis, straight colon dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, skin dialysis, hemodialysis, etc.
Fourth: Kidney Transplant How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
Kidney transplant is one of the effective treatment for the later stage Renal Insufficiency.
Fifth: Cell Therapy
Stem cell therapy is the newest therapy for ESRD patients. Stem cell therapy, especially combined with Micro-Chinese Medicine, are effective in the repairing of the harmed kidney tissues and in the restoration of the renal function. This kind of therapy is the one used in our hospital.

Have you gotten a clear understanding about these treatment options for kidney failure? The most important one for you is to choose a method that is suitable for you. May we can help you.


Influences of Dialysis to Urine Output in Kidney Failure Patient

A lot of kidney failure patients see decreased urine output after their dialysis,
they don't know why that happens.So I want to explain it in the following.
Some uremic patients have up to 1000ml urine output before the hemodialysis, however, after their accepting dialysis for several times, their urine output gradually decreases to only 200 to 300ml per day, and some patients even have not any urine at all at last.
Chinese Treatment to Kidney Failure Patients
The reasons for that phenomenon can be explained in this way. After the dialysis, the concentration of BUN and creatinine and other related toxins obviously lower, so the original function of osmotic diuresis disappear.
The second, the condition of water-sodium retention has improved greatly due to the ultrafiltration function of dialysis, moreover, the excessive ultrafiltration during dialysis has made the kidney blood volume decreased greatly, and another factor is the original kidney disease progresses further during the period of maintaining blood dialysis. All of these factors make the urine output decreased after dialysis. Current Treatment for Renal Failure
Here i want to remind the patients with relatively large amount urine output, the duration time of the dialysis and the hyperfiltration amount should be adjusted according to the specific conditions. Patients should try to avoid the aggravating damage to the residual renal function by such factors as the overmuch hyperfiltration. How to Increase Urine Output for Renal Failure Patients
As for those patients who have already began the maintained dialysis, if only they could guarantee an adequate dialysis, in that way, their disease will not be affected and aggravated by the decreased urine output.
In other word, the decrease of the urine does not imply the aggravation of the patient's kidney function, so for the patients who see their urine decreased after dialysis, they really have no any needs to worry about too much.

So these are the basic explanations for the influences of dialysis to the urine output happening in kidney failure patients. More questions are welcomed to consult us.

How Long Can a Patient with Renal Failure Live?

From the view of modern pathological study of nephropathy, as long as the disease
has not developed into Uremia stage and GFR is not lower than 20%, it is possible to reverse the disease. Whether the disease can be treated, it depends on the severity of the illness, whether there is urine or not, the degree of complications, whether the renal fibrosis starts and other reasons.
If there is certain urine volume, it indicates that kidneys can still play some function. If the remaining renal function can be well protected and part of the nephron function can be restored through proper treatment, then with the treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is probable that the patients can get rid of dialysis and live a healthy life with the disease.
What Medicines Can Help Kidney Failure without Dialysis
If the patients are in the early stage of Renal Failure and the creatinine level doesn’t raise a lot, it is possible that the disease can be reversed. In brief, in this period, if the patients receive proper treatment, the damaged renal function may recover to normal while with improper treatment, the disease may progress into Uremia stage. The treatment effects may be different because of different physique. The point is which treatment method you choose, whether the treatment method is suitable to you and whether the treatment is timely. Besides, the patients should take good care of themselves in the daily life: prevent colds, don’t get angry, take light diet. What’s more important is to have confidence to overcome Renal Failure. All these factors can slow down the progression of the disease and speed up the recovery. It is important to keep a good mood for the patients especially in the therapeutic process. How Can Kidney Failure Patients with Creatinine 14.6 Be Cured
If the disease continuously deteriorates, it will gradually develop into the end stage of Renal Failure. At this time, if the patients receive effective treatment timely to remove the symptoms, repair the damaged renal function as much as possible, the disease can be controlled. Is There Any Way to Treat Kidney Failure to Go Back to Normal
Therefore, the patients should not always worry about how long they can live and how serious the disease is. What’ more important is to keep a good mood and receive proper treatment. Is There Any Alternative Treatment Other Than Dialysis

Analysis: Creatinine, a waste material produced by using the muscles in your body, is removed by the kidneys. The better your kidneys are functioning, the lower your serum creatinine levels will be. Therefore, if we want to lower the creatinine level, we must restore the renal function and block renal fibrosis. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat Kidney Failure. It can timely block renal fibrosis, restore the damaged renal intrinsic cells, recover the renal function and rebuild the proper renal structure. It is proved to be the best treatment for kidney disease. We have helped many patients with kidney disease regain health.

Herbal Remedies for Kidney Infection

Kidney infection is more common in women then men mostly due to women's special body structures, here in this article we will guide you to look at the herbal remedies that are often used for kidney infection.
• Herbs like uva ursi, cornsilk, parsley, juniper berry, alfalfa, echinacea, goldenseal, Oregon graperoot are regarded as efficient therapeutic remedies for Kidney Infection.
• Consumption of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice is one of the most popular home remedies for kidney infection. However, pay attention that excessive consumption of cranberry is not healthy.
• Having a mixture of half a teaspoon of baking soda and eight ounces of water are considered as an effective natural cure for Kidney Infection.
• Taking aloe vera juice or lemon juice mixed with warm water is also useful in healing this disease naturally..
• Green tea, blueberry tea and similar other herbal teas are also considered as highly beneficial natural home remedies for Kidney Infections.
• Hot water baths or bubble baths are helpful in reducing Kidney Infection related abdominal pains. Heating pads can also be used to ease the pains. Aromatherapy is also beneficial in dealing with Kidney Infection.
• Usnea is commonly used in treating kidney infections. Besides that, usnea has also been used to treat many other conditions, including fungal infections, boils, impetigo, mastitis, bronchial infections, pneumonia, sore throat, sinus infections, trichomoniasis and dysentery. Usnea may be most effective in treating urinary tract infections, including kidney infections.
• The following herbs are beneficial in treating kidney disorders: buchu, celery seeds, parsley seeds, cranberries, dandelion root, hydrangea, uva ursi, marshmallow, goldenrod, juniper berries, nettle, red clover and watermelon seed. Echinacea, usnea and corn silk may also be useful in treating kidney infections. Check with your doctor to see if any of these herbs are suiltable for you.

In a conclusion, herbal remedies for kidney infection are often diuretic, which means that they could increase the flow of urine to wash out toxins, bacteria and infection.

Chinese Treatment for Kidney Stone

The Chinese treatment for kidney stone is a method with obvious therapeutic
results, at the same time, it is a safe method. Effective Chinese treatment could help patients to relieve pain and play the role of treatment and adjustment.
In the theory of Chinese medicine, kidney stone, ureter stone and bladder stone all belong to the Chinese concept of "urolithiasis". Its treatment are mainly focused on the function of "clearing hot and humid, make concretion run smoothly".
What Is Chinese Medicine Therapy for Creatinine Level 8.7
The common calculus-removing medicines are predominated by stone-removing particles and other pharmaceutical Chinese patent drugs, which have the main ingredients such as prrrosia lingua, malva seed, fringed pink, talc, plantain seed, desmodium, Lygodium japonicum, gizzard pepsin, Chinese herbaceous peony, and liquorice, etc. If the urine has the blood, field thistle, virgin soil and rhizoma nelumbinis could be used for the function of blood-cooling.
The above mentioned Chinese treatment for kidney stone is mainly applied for these kidney stone patients: Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy an Alternative to Dialysis
1.Calculus, with a diameter less than 1cm and the shape formulated as well as a smooth appearance, drifts away in the intracavity in the state of the conglutination with renal pelvis calyces.
2. Urinary tract without obvious deformity, stenosis and infections.
3.patients without serious hydronephrosis, together with a relatively good renal function. How to Do Chinese Osmotherapy at Home
4. Young with a good constitution could cooperate with abundant water-taken and other stone-removing exercises.
Chinese treatment for kidney stone also need many other assist measures, by which, we can only achieve the better result. During the therapy for renal stone, pay attention to drink more water, which has the function of diluting urine, decreasing the deposition of saluresis, helping the removal of stones.
At the same time, patient should do more jumping, running, and take more gymnastics in order to help the automatically discharge of calculus.

So these are the basic introduction of Chinese treatment for kidney stone. If you want more, consult us please.

Can Chronic Renal Failure Cause Sexual Failure?

Many patients care about whether Chronic Renal Failure can cause sexual disorder of males. This is a thorny problem to solve. With the good therapeutic methods and healthy psychology of patients the problem of sexual disorder caused by Chronic Renal Failure can recover. With various methods like Blood dialysis and renal transplant to treat kidney disease, a part of the patients has recovered in a certain degree. Except helping patients to treat disease, doctors should also provide them sex consultation service, understand the psychological statement of patients and enlighten disease, strengthen psychological treatment, thus helping patients to recover their sexual ability.
The end-stage Chronic Renal Failure is also called Uremia; it is a kind of serious disease which harms patients’ health. According to the statistics, 90 percent of male patients with Uremia can’t erect their penis or can’t keep the erection. Generally speaking, this problem is related to sexual dysfunction. There have several reasons why Chronic Renal Failure can cause sexual dysfunction.
First, the change of androgen level
Medical scientists studied that males with Uremia may have some symptoms such as orchiatrophy, the decreasing of androgen in blood and the rising of gonadotropin. In recent years, we also find the rising of prolactin in blood. These factors can cause sexual dysfunction.
Second, the factor of nerves
Patients with Uremia and blood dialysis often have dysfunction of nervous system such as Uremic neuropathy and Uremic encephalopathy.
Third, Complications of Chronic Renal Failure
Patients with Chronic Renal Failure have comorbid diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, tuberculosis and systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic lupus erythematosus and some complications such as anemia, abnormal calcium metabolism and electrolyte disorder can lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, some medicines for treating Chronic Renal Failure like anti-hypertension and diuretic can also disturb sexual function.
Fourth, psychological factor
The prognosis of patients with Uremia is not good. They are down in spirits, and deprementia. Although dialysis or renal transplant can help them to relieve pain and sustain life, the heavy economic burden influenced patients very much. It also can aggravate the sexual dysfunction.

According to these factors we have talked above, we conclude that Chronic Renal Failure can influence sexual dysfunction. We should keep a good mood to relieve sexual dysfunction.


PKD Is Not A Cancer! It Can be Treated Well!

Everyday, many patients consult on line about the PKD (Polycystic Kidney
Disease), and they don’t know the general information about this disease, and want to find a good treatment for PKD.
Firstly, PKD is a hereditary disease which means many cysts grow on the kidneys. Normally, if one side of parents is suffering from PKD, their children have 50% chance to suffer from this disease. So, if one person gets PKD in the family, his/her descendants have more chance to suffer from this disease. Available Treatment Options for Polycytic Kidney Disease
Secondly, PKD is not a cancer. Cysts grow on the kidneys, with the patient’s age become old, the cysts grow bigger and bigger. Then the cysts will press the kidney tissues and damage the kidney function, at that time, the patient will have foam in urine, hematuria, dizziness, swelling, vomiting, etc. When the kidney cysts become big enough, they will secrete the cystic liquid which is very easy to get infection in the kidneys. Therefore, early useful treatment for PKD patients is very important, especially when the kidney cysts are very small, adopt the useful treatment to delay the growth of cysts are very useful, otherwise, the final result of PKD is Kidney Failure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Polycystic Kidney Disease
Therefore, the best choice for the patients with PKD is to adopt the useful treatment. Normally, Western Medicine will suggest the patient wait for several months to observe the kidney cyst change. When the kidney cysts become big enough, the doctor will suggest them to receive the surgery to remove the kidney cyst. However, the surgery will damage the kidney function, and after the surgery, the kidney cysts will re-grow again. Therefore, surgery is not the best choice for patients with PKD. Treatment for Diabetic with Polycystic Kidney Disease
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

1) Micro-Chinese Medicine is abstracted from the Chinese herbs, without any side-effect. This is the oldest traditional medicines in our country, like acupuncture. 2) All kidney disease is caused by the renal fibrosis, which means the blood can’t flow in the vessels. Chinese Medicine can dilate blood vessels, increase the blood flow volume in the renal lesion. 3) Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not an operation, without any pain. Chinese Medicine is superfinely shattered like powder, they are putted into small bags and heated for 45 minutes, and then we put these small bags on the two sides of kidneys according to the Acupuncture Points. What’s more, this process can be achieved with the help of osmosis device, so Chinese Medicine can get into renal lesion effectively. 4) The effective substance can repair the damaged renal cells, and clear the immune complex in the human body. After adopting Chinese Medicine for 3-5 days, the urine color can be changed obviously. (That is immune complex discharge into urine). 5) Chinese Medicine has the function of anti-coagulation, anti-inflammatory,prevent thrombus,degradation. 6). Micro-Chinese Medicine can guide the stem cells move into the renal lesion. 7). Stem Cells need a very favorable environment to grow, Micro-Chinese Medicine can supply such a good enviroment for stem cells.

Prognosis for Kidney Cyst

Many patients especially those who have just been diagnosed with kidney cysts are
nervous to know the prognosis for this disease. I fully understand the patients’ anxious mind. So here I want to give the prognosis for kidney cysts.
Prognosis, as its name implies, is a kind of prediction for kidney cysts. Here I divide the prognosis into nonintervention prognosis and intervention prognosis.
Nonintervention prognosis means that no methods are adopted against these kidney cysts. Is the result of nonintervention prognosis good or bad? In fact, kidney cysts also have its distinctive development rules. It means that cysts also experience the stage of birth, growth, rupture, etc.
Is There Anything I Can Do to Get Rid of Kidney Cyst Without Surgery
In the early stage of kidney cysts, generally there are not any dangers brought about by these cysts. However, if these cysts are entering into the stage of medium or later stages, they will cause severe damages to kidneys.
So, nonintervention prognosis is not a good choice for patients. Next let us look at the other prognosis---intervention prognosis. If There Was a Way to Get Rid of Cysts and What Caused the Kidneys to Have Cysts
As for intervention prognosis, the first I want to emphasis here is that the early intervention for these kidney cysts, the better prognosis they will have. Why do I say so? The reason is that our kidneys have strong compensatory functions, that is to say, even our kidneys are destroyed severely by kidney cysts, but patients can still feel not any obvious discomfort. So most patients are shocked on hearing the bad news that they are already suffered from Renal Failure, etc. How to shrink Kidney Cyst(Renal Cyst)
Early intervention on these kidney cysts often can achieve a better prognosis, which means this ideal result including the shrink and even disappearance of these cysts, symptoms faded away, good inspection results for urine routine and other, the restoration of renal functions, etc. Is There Any Herbs That Can Shrink Kidney Cysts
On the contrary, if patients with renal cysts do not seek any treatments until there are some obvious discomforts, pains, or symptoms, even severe complications such as bloody urine, foamy urine, higher creatinine levels appear, the prognosis for this situation is usually bad. If no effective treatments are adopted even in the later stage of kidney cysts, the prognosis will be so severe that it is unimagined.

We can get the conclusion that prognosis for kidney cysts usually depends on the time of intervention and treatment, and an early and effective treatment usually indicate a good prognosis for patients.

Diet for Kidney Cyst

Diet is another important aspect for patients with kidney cyst. A proper kidney
cyst dietary plan is helpful in protection of kidneys as well as in prevention of kidney cysts’ damages.
So what is the scientific and proper diet for kidney cyst patient? Let’s look at together.
The first attention is to keep a good dietary habit. The following three unhealthy habits are harmful to your bodes as well as to your kidneys: eating too much or too little food; eating unhygienic foods and dietary bias. Bad eating habit can harm many of your body organs or tissues, such as gastrointestinal systems, leading to malnutrition, etc.
Bad eating habits can influence your kidney cysts and provide an unfavorable environment for the growth and development of renal cyst, therefore, our kidneys and its functions well be affected or harmed. Is Watermelon Good to Eat for Stage Five PKD Patient
The second caution is that patients with kidney cysts should always keep a fresh and bland diet. Keep away from those foods with strong irritating ones, for example, avoid eating those salty foods, pungent types, high-fat foods, and try to avoid those foods full in animal proteins. Is It True that PKD Patients Should Not Eat Spicy Foods
Specifically speaking, what kinds of foods are suitable for renal cysts patients? The following are a long list about foods that are favorable for them.
Foods with the features of anti-cyst generally include such as tortoise, soft-shelled turtle, sea horse, sandworm, king cobra, sea cucumber, water shield, bitter herbs, cucumber, pawpaw, sophora flower bud, and so on.
Foods that can help to improve body physique and enhance the body immunity are including sardine, shrimp, loach, black carp, mussel, oyster, pork liver, lotus seed, nut, apples, kiwi fruit, sword bean, sesame, placenta hominis, royal jelly, adzuki bean, etc.Will a Cup of Coffee Each Day Accelerate PKD
The other foods that are appropriate for kidney cysts patient also include mulberry, day lily, sugarcane, white gourd, celery, lotus root, persimmon, dark plum, pangolin, tortoise, turtle, vivipara, clam, kelp, nori, carp, inkfish, clam, crucian.

Those above foods are my recommendations for patients in renal cyst, diet is really an important aspect in treating kidney cysts, so pay attention to them. More advice are welcomed to consult. Wish you all be healthy.

Heart and Kidneys are Fellow Sufferers

Surprising new research shows heart and kidneys are ‘fellow sufferers’. Kidney
disease somehow speeds up heart disease and heart disease can trigger kidney destruction, too.
We should pay attention to both heart and kidney health.
Heart disease and kidney disease act as cause and result. According to the tracing observation to more than 37,000 volunteers conducted by prevention epidemiology experts of William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan State, check three physical signs of kidney at regular intervals: renal filtration speed of blood, urine protein level and anemia condition. The research result shows the deterioration of any sign will cause heart cause. Can Gum Arabic Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Dialysis
Researcher in New England Medical Center in Boston made an observation to 13,000 volunteers, the result shows the probability of suffering kidney problem for heart disease patients is twice of that for people without heart disease. Therefore, we should pay attention to both heart and kidney health.
Why can bad renal function affect heart? How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
When renal function declines or there is inflammation in kidneys, it will affect the secretion of renin, raise blood pressure and increase the load of kidneys. Poor renal function can not fully excrete the toxin in the body, if the situation lasts for a long time, there will occur urimic heart disease and even heart failure. 40% Kidney Failure, 60% Remaining: Is There Any Way to Reverse It
Poor renal function or deficiency of the kidney will influence cardiovascular system at least in three aspects: First, it will affect motive power of cardiac muscle, causing weak heart beat or arrhythmia. Second, it will impact blood quality, causing heart and brain ischemia and hypoxia. Third, it will speed up arteriosclerosis and vascular aging.
Heart disease will also threaten health of kidney.

When suffering from heart failure or decline of heart function, patients have to take some medicine, which will aggravate the load of kidneys. Weak systole can lead to decline of blood flow and low perfusion pressure, and finally result in poor blood flow in kidneys and decline of renal function. Therefore, patients with heart disease should pay attention to their kidneys and do regular examination so as to detect kidney problem early.

Complications are More Terrible Than Renal Failure Itself

Renal Failure is a disease condition referring to impaired renal function. The
kidneys, a pair of bean-shaped organs, are located in the mid-back region, one on each side of the vertebral column. They lie in back of the abdominal cavity. The kidneys are principally responsible for cleansing the blood of metabolic waste and excreting it with urine. Renal Failure refers to that most renal functions have be damaged and it is the serious stage of kidney diseases. Because the work of kidneys is complex, Renal Failure will affects all system of human body. There are 2 types of renal failure: acute and chronic. Both the two Renal Failure may bring various complications. It is proved by researches that there about 80% patients of Renal Failure die of complications instead of the disease itself. Therefore, to some degree, complications are more terrible than Renal Failure itself.
Generally speaking, there are many complications associated with Renal Failure, especially over the long-term. Some of the more common problems are heart failure, anemia, high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances, hemorrhage, bone fractures and lowered immune response. What Is the Right Treatments' Choice for Kidney Failure Patients
In addition, those receiving dialysis treatments are at risk for malnourishment, infections at the site of vascular access as well as systemically. Other associated complications of dialysis include hypotension (low blood pressure) air embolism, pericarditis and pneumonia.
Complications of Chronic Renal Failure
A spectrum of complications arises along with development of chronic renal failure. Some of the important ones are as follows:
1.End-stage Renal Failure Kidney Disease Won’t Be Cured Once You Miss the Optimal Time
2. Congestive Cardiac failure due to fluid overload
3. Liver failure
4. Bone weakness and fractures Best Treatment for Kidney Failure
5. Increased susceptibility to infections and bleeding (ESRD)
6. Sexual dysfunction and impotence
7. Nervous disorders like seizures and delirium.
Complications Of Acute Renal Failure
Potential complications of acute kidney failure include:
1. Permanent kidney damage. How Can I Slow Down the Progression of Kidney Disease and Prevent Dialysis
Occasionally, acute kidney failure causes permanent loss of kidney function, or end-stage renal disease. People with end-stage renal disease require either permanent dialysis — a mechanical filtration process used to remove toxins and waste from your body or a kidney transplant to survive.
2. Hypertension

The increasing of renin is the main reason for Hypertension. Overmuch renin can lead to arteriolar spasm and arteriole resistance will increase, thus leading to high blood pressure. After the blood pressure reaches to a certain height, it is called Hypertension. The incidence, duration and elevated blood pressure level of Hypertension are related to kidney damage degree and pathological changes.


Latest Treatment for Renal Failure

With the development of medicine treatment, various kinds of treatments or
medicines are researched out to treat Renal Failure. Among these treatments, two treatments have drawn too much attention from Renal Failure patients due to their strong and excellent treatment effect. Here the two treatments refer to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant. Moreover, if the two treatments can be combined together, the treatment effect will be much better than the application of each single treatment.
We all know that once kidney is failed, there will be three kinds of kidney cells in kidney: healthy cells, damaged cells and dead cells. With the disease progress further, healthy cells will become less and less, and dead cells will be more and more. As a result, kidney function will begin to decline continuously if no treatment is taken to prevent kidney cells being damaged. The treatments Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant mentioned above are just used to play function on the above three kinds of cells. Many of Renal Failure patients have already benefited from such treatments. 40% Kidney Failure, 60% Remaining: Is There Any Way to Reverse It

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can protect healthy kidney cells and repair damaged cells effectively by relieving the condition of kidney ischemia and anoxia by activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis as well as supplying necessary nutrition to kidney.How Can I Slow Down the Progression of Kidney Disease and Prevent Dialysis
Through this way, remained kidney function can be protected well and with damaged cells being repaired, kidney function can also have a certain improvement. As for those dead cells, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can not play function on them. In another word, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be effective to stop the progress of the disease, but it is not enough to improve kidney function when the disease is too serious. Therefore, stem cell transplant is considered to b e chosen to treat Renal Failure because stem cells have the function of regenerating and differentiating into new various kinds of functional cells. How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
 Different from other western medicine treatment, no surgery or operation is needed during stem cell transplant even though there is the word ‘transplant’ in the title of the treatment. Stem cells are transfused into body through vein, just like intravenous infusion. With time passing, stem cells will play their function in regenerating new kidney cells gradually. As a result, kidney function will be improved gradually. If you want to learn more about this treatment for Renal Failure, you can email to me or consult us online for further explanation.

Is Renal Failure Terrible

Kidney Disease, especially Renal Failure, is considered as the second killer
after cancer. When talking about Renal Failure, dialysis, kidney transplant or even death is always mentioned firstly. Patients always feel so desperate when they are diagnosed as Renal Failure because this disease sounds too horrible. However, is it really so terrible?
What’s a Natural Way to Lower Creatinine 7.8 for Kidney Failure Patients
Yes, the disease is very dangerous and it may also threaten patients' life. However, if the disease can be treated effectively and patients can live a proper and scientific life, it is possible for patients to live a normal life even though they have to suffer from Renal Failure.
What Is the Right Treatments' Choice for Kidney Failure Patients
Traditionally, dialysis or kidney transplant is commonly used for Renal Failure patients when their GFR level is lower than 15, but most of the times patients who are on dialysis still need to have kidney transplant or patients who have had kidney transplant still need to face the fact that transplanted kidney begins to fail again. Why? Patients always feel so confused on this point. The answer is very easy. This is only because dialysis can not repair damaged kidney and even kidney transplant can not deal with the primary cause of Renal Failure. Dialysis or Kidney Transplant is always considered as replacing treatment which will make patients feel much better in a short time after the treatment. However, though it is effective, it can not treat the kidney from its root, which is the main reason why the above condition may happen. If we change our mind on the treatment for Renal Failure, it will be possible to stop Renal Failure in the early stage.
The key of the treatment for Renal Failure is to stop the progress of the disease and get an improvement on kidney condition. If damaged kidney can be repaired effectively and primary cause of Renal Failure can also be treated well, patients will not need dialysis and even some patients who are having dialysis may get rid of dialysis.
Kidney Disease Won’t Be Cured Once You Miss the Optimal Time

From the above, it can be found that the real terrible point of Renal Failure is not the disease itself, but also what treatment patients can take as well as the attitude to the disease.Just waiting for dialysis? Or trying to find new treatment positively? All will decide what kind of life Renal Failure patients will live. If you want further discussion, you can email to me or consult us online.

Prognosis of Acute Renal Failure

Prognosis of Acute Renal Failure is closely related to the types of protopathy
causing Renal Failure, the occurrence and treatment of complications and the damage degrees of kidney lesions.  (1) The nature and severity of protopathy
The common protopathy causing Renal Failure includes wound, infection, pathological changes of other organs, cytoplasm poisoning etc.
1. Wound: Acute Renal Failure caused by wound in the war is closely related to the mortality of war wound.
How to Manage Creatinine 6.7 in Kidney Failure
2. Infection: After biliary or gastrointestinal operation, some antibiotic-resistant bacterium usually cause septicemia or toxemia shock. Both of serious acute pyelonephritis and renal papillary necrosis may lead to Chronic Renal Failure. In this situation, the disease will be difficult to cure.
3. Protopathy of other organs: Protopathy of other organs, such as myocardial infarction, acute pancreatitis, abdominal viscera perforation, all can result in Renal Failure. If the patients positively and effectively treat Renal Failure, they may be free from Uremia but can die of serious protopathy. Why Kidney Failure Patients Have Swollen Tummy
4. Cytoplasm poisoning: Acute poisoning of barbital can quickly lead to shock, anuria, pulmonary edema and death. Carbon tetrachloride poisoning can cause acute renal tubular necrosis as well as universal damage to kidneys, or even acute yellow liver atrophy. Patients with Acute Renal Failure may be rescued, but they may die of liver failure. Other cytoplasm poisoning like arsenic vapor, aniline, mercuric chloride and methane all can cause aminoaciduria and renal tubular damage.
(2) Complications
Complications often impact prognosis. When with Acute Renal Failure, the main complications are symptoms in nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system and nutritive complications except bleeding and anemia.
Take dialysis timely and regularly, apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at the proper time, regulate diet and supplement nutrition. Through the measures listed above, we can prevent and treat the complications.
(3) The damage degrees of kidney lesions
1. The nature and severity of protopathy: The disease progresses fast for patients with serious muscle injury. The death rate of patients with serious burn and septicemia is about 100%. Most patients with Acute Renal Failure companying hemorrhagic pancreatitis, serious cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction etc died.

2. The damage degrees of kidney lesions: The more serious the kidney damage is, the longer the period of oliguria is. If Renal Failure is caused by renal artery obstruction, renal infarction, renal cortical necrosis, acute proliferative glomerulonephritis etc, the duration will be long and it will easily cause death. Patients with renal tubular necrosis but without complications will have a good prognosis.

What can not be taken by Chronic Renal Failure Patients?

1. It is suitable for Chronic Renal Failure patients to take soft food, avoid
hard and fried food.
The Chronic Renal Failure patients often suffer the symptoms of congestion and erosion on gastrointestinal mucosa due to retention of toxin in the body and blood microcirculatory disturbance. If people take hard or fried food such as sesame candy and fried paste, these food can scarify the vessels in stomach and lead to haemorrhagia. Due to the coagulation disorders of patients with Chronic Renal Failure, End-stage Renal Failure or Uremia, bleeding can’t be stopped automatically and easily lead to death.
2. It is suitable for Chronic Renal Failure patients to take food with light flavor and avoid hot spicy food.
What’s a Natural Way to Lower Creatinine 7.8 for Kidney Failure Patients
The gastrointestinal mucosa of the patients with Chronic Renal Failure, End-stage Renal Failure and Uremia is often in a state of congestion and erosion. If patients take spicy food such as pepper, white spirit and so on, erosion of gastrointestinal mucosa will be aggravated, leading errhysis of stomachic intimal vessel. Kidney Disease Won’t Be Cured Once You Miss the Optimal Time
3. It is necessary for Chronic Renal Failure patients to pay attention when taking dog meat, lamb, beef and so on. What Can Kidney Failure Patients Do to Reverse or Stop Proteinuria
Chinese Medicine believes that dog meat, lamb and beef are all stimulating food which is easy to repeat or sharpen the kidney disease. In clinical, there are really the cases that the condition of patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Nephritis have been worsen after taking beef or lamb, or even leading to death. Whether it is a coincidence or not should be further observed, but patients with Chronic Renal Failure had better not eat such kind meat product.

If you have any questions about kidney disease , you can sent your cases , Our kidney expert will reply as soon as possible . I hope you'll get well soon !

How to Choose the Time for Dialysis

Many patients are now confused on when to start the dialysis. Some people say
dialysis should be started as soon as possible, while some people will tell you that you should never have the mind of accepting dialysis, because they think that dialysis is just like "addicting drugs", and people may cannot get rid of it if they start dialysis. Facing these two completely opposite views, how do the patients make their choice?
What Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of Dialysis
In fact, on the question of how to choose the time for dialysis, it should be handled according to the patients' specific conditions. Undoubtedly, except for the kidney transplant, dialysis is an important and effective approach to extend the life of the seriously-diseased end stage renal disease(ESRD) patients.
Simply speaking, the factors on influencing the time for dialysis should include the patients' conditions, complications, the GFR and the patients' urine amount, etc. If the ESRD patients still have a certain amount of urine, and his or her GFR is still in a certain degree, and the complications have not come up, then i recommend him or her to accept the traditional Chinese treatment so that he or she could delay the time for dialysis. How to Reduce Creatinine 5.18 with Traditional Chinese Medicine
However, if the patients' kidneys are already severely damaged and he or she nearly has no urine, and worse still, various complications have come up, in this circumstance, it is an unwise decision to continuously extending the time for dialysis, because that delaying may endanger the patients' lives. How Dialysis Cause Constipation and How to Treat It
Generally speaking, the best chance for dialysis should require these conditions, including the serum creatinine surpassing 8mg/dL or 707.2umol/L, and the Ccr undering 10ml/min, etc. In such circumstance, active dialysis at this time could reduce the adverse reaction caused by dialysis, lessen the various complications induced by toxins, and help to guarantee a high quality life, etc.

In conclusion, on when to start the dialysis, patients should make a comprehensive considerations. Especially, if there are severe clinical symptoms, such as severe swelling and water retention, uncontrollable electrolyte disorders, serious high blood pressure, or heart insufficiency, and other severe manifestations, patients should begin dialysis as soon as possible.

Kidney Function Levels Prior to Dialysis

Patient: What level kidney function does your kidneys have to be at before they put you on dialysis?
Doctor: generally, if your kidney function is below 10%, dialysis is considered. Simply speaking, you may also need dialysis if the following requirements are met:
1.Ccr: ≤10ml/min
2.Serum BUN: :≥35mmol/L(97.6mg/dl)
3.Serum Creatinine: :≥884μmol/L(10mg/dl)
4.When your diseases are just right in the stage of acute rapid decline(Serum Creatinine higher than 530.4μmol/L or 6mg/dl), dialysis is needed.
5. Decline of renal function accompanied by severe metabolic acidosis(PH<7.2) or severe anemia.

In fact, there are no specific criterions for dialysis. In reality, whether dialysis is needed not only depends on the kidney functions, but depends on the general conditions of the patients.


Treatment should Be Strated Earlier for Renal Failure

Early treatment is of great importance for those who are faced up with renal
failure, why?
At renal failure stage, what's life-threatening is the overall metabolic disorder and complications when kidneys are so failed that they can no longer perform their normal functions of filtrating blood, regulating erythrocyte balance, secreting hormones and regulating acid-base. At this time, the purposes of early treatment are: first, relive discomforts and prevent complications; second, save the remaining kidney function and repair some of damaged renal intrinsic cells; third, improve life quality and prolong life expectancy.
So what can be the treatment?
1. Dialysis
When kidneys are failed, excessive and useless substances build up in the body, causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, swelling, high blood pressure and short breath.
The function of dialysis is to artificially excrete waste products(including creatinine and urea nitrogen) outside so as to alleviate discomforts or severe complications. But dialysis can not repair your kidneys and can also lead to acute or chronic complications. What Treatment Can I Take for Failing Kidney Functions
2. Kidney transplant
Many patients at end-stage renal diseases are waiting for a kidney transplant while undergoing dialysis. However, a suitable donator can not be easily found and many patients have to wait through a long period, which is rather suffering. Further, kidney transplant is not a simple operation; rejection problem and primary factors(such as diabetes) can also greatly affect the survival time for the transplanted kidney.
2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, developed from traditional Chinese medicine, can treat save kidney function and repair severely damaged kidney units maximally with its unique features:
First, with functions of dilating blood vessels and anti-coagulation, osmosis medicines can improve blood circulation, accelerate oxygen and nutrient supply so as to fasten up the repairing process. Can Gum Arabic Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Dialysis
Second, prevent further deterioration: by blocking inflammatory cells from further damaging kidneys and by degenerating useless excellular matrix and wastes, kidney condition can be controlled from further aggravating.
To point out, there are two groups of cells in renal failure patients: necrotic cells and the damaged cells. Micro-Chinese medicine can repair the damaged ones, but can not save the necrotic ones. So, we need stem cell transplant, which can regenerate new renal intrinsic cells so as to replace the necrotic ones.
3. Stem cell transplant How Can Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis Be Treated
Stem cells, referring to a group of undifferentiated and unmatured cells, can regenerate masses of daughter cells that have exactly the same features as the original cells without changing their characteristics.
With homing abilities, stem cells can enter kidney lesions directly, repair the damaged renal intrinsic cells and regenerate new ones.

Here also lies the importance of early treatment for renal failure patients: at earlier time, with a better internal environment and more remaining kidney units, stem cells can work more effectively and kidney function can be improved much better.

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