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What Should Patients with End Stage Renal Disease Do

Currently, the three treatments about end stage renal disease are dialysis, kidney transplant and Chinese medicine. For patients with end stage renal disease, apart from receiving treatment, there are several important points for them to pay attention to in their daily life.
● keep the balance of water and electrolyte as well as relieve acidosis.
On the basis of their illness condition, patients with end stage renal disease should adjust the intake of water and salt. Generally speaking, they should have low-salt diet and avoid the occurrence of hyperkalemia. As for acidosis, patients can take sodium bicarbonate. Moreover, they should limit the intake of phosphorus as well as supplement calcium and activated vitamin D.
● Alimentotherapy. Treatment Options for Stage 5 Kidney Disease
Patients with end stage renal disease should make sure the ingestion of adequate energy. Low-protein diet may relieve the symptoms and thus to slow down the development of renal failure ( this method is not suitable for patients with severe proteinuria, retention of water and sodium, complications, digestive tract inflammation, and these who do not receive adequate calorie ). Generally speaking, the intake of protein is 0.5 to 0.75 gram per day per kilogram (body weight). Among these protein ingested by patients, sixty five to seventy five percent of them are high quality protein, and the intake of vegetable protein should be limited.Can End-stage Kidney Disease Be Reversed or Improved
● Treat Anemia.Is There a Medicine for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
For patients with end stage renal disease, they can use recombinant erythrogenin properly. Usually, do subcutaneous injection for two to three times a week and 3000 each time.Can ESRD Patients on Dialysis Lose Bowel Control
● Treat high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is bound up with renal progressive damage. Testing blood pressure and then keeping it in the normal range is helpful in delaying the decoration of their disease. Meanwhile, better control of blood pressure also contributes to the prevention of hear failure and cerebrovascular disease. The chief method of treating blood pressure include low-salt diet, taking of antihypertensive medicines and the proper usage of diuretic.

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