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What Not to Eat for Chronic Kidney Disease

What can not be eaten for chronic kidney disease? This is a question which is put forward by chronic kidney disease patients. Especially in China, people value food and even treat it as natural treatment of a kind of kidney disease. In Chinese culture, it is said that all things in the world regenerate and restrict each other. So everything can be used to treat a kind of disease. What should not be eaten by patients with chronic kidney diseaseCan a CKD Patient Eat Bottle Gourd
As we know, in the world, chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages.
In the first stage, chronic kidney disease patients have no symptoms at all. Their creatinine level does not increase and the GFR is also normal. So in this stage, chronic kidney disease patients should not limit the intake of food.
With the chronic kidney disease developing, kidney is damaged and kidney function will be damaged as well. As we know, one function of kidney is to adjust the electrolyte. So in the second stage, especially the third and fourth stage, there are some disorders of electrolyte. For example, patients with chronic kidney disease will have low calcium, high phosphorus and high potassium. They should take in food which is rich in calcium and low in phosphorus and potassium.How Do CKD Patients Eat to Feel Better Is Eating Soursop Fruit Help People with Kidney Problem
Food which is rich in calcium is such as shrimps, crab, dairy product, milk, beans and so on. Food which is rich in potassium is such as bananas, oranges, mango, raisin, peanut, and so on, which should not be eaten too much. Food which is rich in phosphorus is such as beef and nori, and so on.Acupuncture for Kidney Disease

In addition, if chronic kidney disease patients have serious edema, they should limit the intake of water, and the food which is rich in water is such as watermelon, and so on.

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