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What Food Kidney Disease Patients Can not Eat

What food kidney disease patients can not eat? Besides treatment therapy, kidney disease patients also are concerned about this topic, which can also assist the treatment. Generally, the main food which patients with kidney disease can not eat is as follows:
1. bananas
When kidney disease develops into stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease or stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease, the function of kidney is damaged and one function of kidney is to adjust the balance of electrolyte. So in the advanced stage, when electrolyte is out of order, high potassium will come into being as well. Bananas contain very rich potassium, which will worsen patients’ condition.
2. watermelon What Treatments Are Available for Stage 4 CKD
Watermelon is forbidden for those who have severe edema or swelling. Especially for patients with nephrotic syndrome, edema or swelling is the typical symptoms. Watermelon contains a lot of water, which will accelerate kidney damage if we do not take care.Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Is Stage 4 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) Curable
3. beans or bean product
Beans or bean product contains much protein, however, it is not suitable for patients with kidney disease for it contains bad quality protein and will produce more nitrogen in the metabolism course compared with good quality protein food such as lean meat, egg white and milk. When kidney is damaged, the function will be damaged at the same time, so it can not discharge nitrogen normally. In this condition, if we take in more beans, it will give kidney more burden.
4. mushroom, oranges, etc

Mushroom, cabbage, bananas, oranges, apricots, spinach, edible amaranth, kelp, nori, Dateplum persimmon, apricot, almond, nut, peanuts, soya bean, mung bean, sheep lumbar, pig’s kidney should also be limited when kidney disease develops into stage 4 or stage 5 for all of them contains rich potassium. In the advanced stage of kidney disease, they will worsen kidney as well just as bananas.

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