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What Diet should Patients with Chronic Nephritis Take Care of?

Patients with Chronic Nephritis should take care of reasonable and scientific diet during treatment, because proper diet can improve the treatment effect.
How to take proper diet concerns the normal treatment. On the contrary, the improper diet leads to worsening disease and influences the health condition. So what patients should take care of as following:
1 .limit plant protein
The protein intake is according to the condition of renal function. If patients suffer from oliguria, edema, and hypertension, the daily intake of protein should be from 20g-40g, in order to reduce the burden of kidneys. Especially plant protein contains amounts of purine, which can increase the intermediary metabolism of kidneys, so it is forbidden to take bean and bean products as nutrition supplement. Bean and bean products include soybean, mung bean, broad bean, soya-bean milk, bean curd and so on.Hot Compress Therapy for Chronic Nephritis
2. Avoid the intense condiments
Intense condiments like pepper, mustard, hot pepper are harmful to kidneys. Patients should avoid this kind of diet. High monosodium glutamate intake can cause thirst, so during limiting the water intake, patients should take less monosodium glutamate.How to Reverse Chronic Glomerulonephritis Is There a Natural Cure for Glomerulonephritis
3. Limit table salt
Edema is closely related to blood volume and sodium salt. 1g salt can induce 100ml water intake. If patients with nephritis absorb excessive table salt, adding to the damaged urination, edema will worsen, and the blood volume rises, leading to cardiac failure. Therefore, patients should limit table salt and take low salt diet. The daily salt intake is below 2g and 4g to avoid worse edema and more blood volume.Home Remedies for Chronic Glomerulonephritis
4. Avoid foods with high fat How to Improve the Prognosis of Chronic Nephritis
Due to hypertension and anemia of patients with Chronic Nephritis, Adipase is harmful to these symptoms, because fat can aggravate arteriosclerosis and restrain hematopoiesis function. However, if there is no fat intake at all, the organism become more feeble. Therefore in daily life, patients should choose plant oil alternatively with daily intake of about 60g.

If patients with Chronic Nephritis take more care of the diet and living habits in their life, the Chronic disease can be controlled well with the proper treatment. Certainly, there will not be renal failure and uremia. If patients still have other questions, please consult our online experts or send e-mail to me. we will spare no efforts to help you!

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