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What Can We Do to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease

Currently, the morbidity of Chronic Kidney Disease around the world presents an uptrend. However, people have little knowledge about the prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease. Then what can we do to prevent its occurrence?
Ⅰ. Do not take medicines without guidance. Common medicines such as pain-killer, some antibiotic and developer can damage our kidneys and result in the defunctionalization. People who are used to taking ready-made medicines should kick the habit. We should take medicines with the guidance of doctors. Moreover, for patients with long-term taking of pain-killer, they can reduce medicine quantity if possible, so as to reduce the incidence of complications.Can You Cure ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease)
Ⅱ. Try to have a bland diet. In our daily life, try to avoid having high-protein foods. Ammonia which is the metabolism of protein in our body needs to be excreted through our kidneys, so overtaking of protein means increasing renal burden. In addition, too much fat may cause high blood pressure(High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease) and angiosclerosis. Similarly, it can also impair renal function. Therefore, avoiding hyperlipidemia is also an effective way of preventing Chronic Kidney Disease.What Treatments Are Available for Stage 4 CKD
Ⅲ. Control blood pressure. Blood pressure is closely linked to our kidneys. High blood pressure makes our renal blood vessels under the high stress state and as time goes by, angiosclerosis appears. As a result, renal damage occurs. Thereby, control of blood pressure also is an important factor.How to Treat Kidney Failure With Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Ⅳ. Replenish water appropriately. People who usually drink little water or often get urinary tract infection, uricemia, and diseaseofmetabolism are easy to have kidney stone.Cause and Treatment for Low Vitamin D Level and Kidney Pain
Ⅴ. Do physical examination regularly. Renal tumor usually appears among males between forty years old to seventy years old. For people with Polycystic Kidney Disease or other kidney diseases, regular physical examination can help to find the disease in early stage, so that they can receive treatment earlier.

The above are just some measures of preventing Chronic Kidney Disease. Once being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, we should get treatment as soon as possible, so as to avoid the aggravation of diseases.

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