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Two Taboos in Supplement of Proteins for Patients with IGA Nephropathy

Patients with IGA Nephropathy should take in low protein diet. Because beans and bean products contain a large amount of proteins which belong to plant ones, patients withIGA nephropathy should have this kind of foods in the instruction of doctors; the view that patients with IGA Nephropathy shouldn't take in protein is not scientific. Whether patients can take or not depends on the specific condition of themselves.
Taboo1: take in bean products to complement protein.
1、It is commonly believed that patients with IGA nephropathy should take in foods of low quality protein. This principle may contain two aspects: 1. the small quantity. 2. high quality protein. The purposes are to complement protein need and to avoid increasing the burden of kidneys caused by the low quality protein.Where Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Get Stem Cell Therapy
The bean products contain a large amount of protein but this kind of protein is of low quality, which belongs to plant protein of less essential amino-acid. If patients take in more, it may worsen Azotemia. Therefore, proper foods for patients with IGA nephropathy are lean meat like fish, chicken and so on.
Taboo2: don't eat foods containing protein.Acupuncture for Kidney Disease
Some patients have the point that when IGA nephropathy worsens into Renal Failure, the elimination function of toxicant falls greatly, and more protein leaks out of micro-blood vessel, so taking in more protein can increase the burden of kidneys. But this view is not scientific. Even though IGA Nephropathy develops into end stage--- Uremia, patients still need to absorb certain amount of high quality protein, namely, daily intake is not less than 20g.
Patients with IGA nephropathy needn't prevent taking in protein: patients under dialysis especially peritoneal dialysis should absorb more protein. Those with IGA nephritis nephrotic syndrome can take in 90-100g protein daily, because much protein leaksin the urine leaving less plasma protein. If the hypoproteinemia is not be better, edema will not be easy to disappear, and the immunity of the organism will fall greatly. But if there is azotenesis which can worsen renal functions, It is vital to control the intake of protein.Hot Compress Therapy for Kidney Disease Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease

So as for the protein intake, patients should follow the instruction of doctors according to their specific disease conditions. Proper diet treatment is assistant method to the medical treatment, which promotes the ideal curative effects. But if patients deal badly, it is possible to aggravate the disease. if you have other relevant questions, certainly you can consult our online experts or send e-mail to me. It is our pleasure to serve you!

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