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Treat Kidney Disease with Chinese Herbs Bathe

Chinese herbs medicine is becoming more and more popular in treating kidney disease, which can strengthen patients’ immune ability, thus treating kidney disease fundamentally and has no side effects. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we have Chinese herbs bathe for patients both home and abroad, which has become the characteristic treatment which assist the core immunotherapy.
Generally, the Chinese Herbs Bathe is in a bathe tub. Before the bathe, specialists prepare it by adding hot or warm water and medicines or herbs. The tub in the picture can keep the water hot or warm. Each bathe lasts for 2 hours. Patient’s friend or relative can lie on the sofa outside to chat or play music for the patients for every room has a computer to diminish loneliness.How Can I Get this Chinese Herbs for Kidney Failure What Herbs Help Increase Kidney Function
In the course of Chinese Herbs Bathe, kidney disease patients will sweat for the water is hot. After sweat, the toxins in the body will discharge out and the nutritious herbs in the water will come into the body, thus reducing kidney function and repairing the damaged cells in the kidney. It can improve the blood circulation, especially the micro-blood circulation. It plays a vital role in increasing blood supply to kidneys and other problems due to circulatory disorders like Diabetic Foot.Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Skin is considered as important as kidneys in excreting toxins from body. The heat effect and absorption of active components are the important factors to the curative effect in medicated bath. When the patients with CKD bath in medicine liquor, the sweat glands will open. Therefore, some metabolic toxins will be passed out through sweat gland. In this way, the symptoms of poisoning will relieve effectively like skin itching, metabolic acidosis etc.
However, not every one with kidney disease can do Chinese Herbs Bathe. Those who can not are as follows:Which Is Better for Kidney Disease: Steroids or Chinese Herbs
Allergic to herbal medicine;
Skin wound
Severely high blood pressure
Severe heart disease
Women who are in menstrual period

In addition, besides Chinese Herbs Bathe for treatment, there are also other kinds of bathes for diminishing fatigue, loosing weight, being more beautiful, etc.

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