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The Disadvantages of Dialysis

It is necessary for many patients with renal failure losing kidney functions to treat the disease with dialysis. Dialysis has some advantages like removing waste and excess water, better controlling blood pressure and abdominal cramps and so on. It also has many disadvantages.What Can I Do to Prevent Fainting Spells During Dialysis
1. Dialysis takes a lot of time. Generally, to do a dialysis need a few hours, and you can’t move in these hours. Maybe you feel good after dialysis, but the process is suffering. You should do dialysis once in 2 or 3 days, so you can’t go far away from home or travel with your family.
2. The function of dialysis is to remove waste and excess water from blood, so it can’t change your health condition. If there are some other therapeutic treatment methods that may help you to make you healthier, you should have a try. Maybe it will be a new beginning of your life and perhaps you will have a normal life as you want. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and stem cell transplant can help you through repairing your kidney damaged cells and rebuilding your kidney normal structure.And there are so many other treatment methods: Foot Bath for Kidney Disease,Medicated Bath for Kidney Disease,Hot Compress Therapy for Kidney Disease and Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
3. One characteristic of dialysis is dependence if your kidney can’t be treated to a normal condition and it’s hard to get rid of. If you begin to do dialysis, maybe you have to continue with it all your life. If you once stop the dialysis during the treatments, your health condition will become worse and worse. Therefore, if there is any better therapeutic method, you should have a try.
4. Dialysis is a complicated process and as a patient, you should know much knowledge about it. If you don’t know much about the food you can eat or some problems you should pay attention to in your life, you health condition will become worse. Some people think that they don’t need to pay attention to anything after they do dialysis. It is completely wrong. You should know more about our bodies and the disease. If you take effective treatments, you can do dialysis with less time or even you will get rid of dialysis completely.

Everyone wants to have a healthy body and live a happy life,and it is not very far from you. It is not terrible to be sick, but it is fearful that you don’t take effective measures after getting the disease.

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