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The Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease

There are several types Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). However, PKD usually refers to a genetic or inherited disease that is sometimes called “adult PKD” because it normally appears in adult life. A less common type of PKD occurs primarily in babies and children. In PKD, cysts or fluid-filled pouches, are found primaries in the kidney but they can also affect other organs, including the liver, pancreas, spleen and ovary. So once diagnosed with PKD, besides effective treatment, patients also search a scientific diet, which can assist the treatment.
Firstly, if Polycystic Kidney Disease have symptom such as proteinuria, they should keep low protein diet. Proteinuria means that the renal glomeruar basilar membrane is damaged, the function of which is to filtrate the metabolism products such as creatinine. When big molecules such as protein leak out, it means that the pore of the basilar membrane becomes bigger. Now if we take in more protein, the burden of the kidney.Is It True that PKD Patients Should Not Eat Spicy Foods
When your liver breaks down protein, it produces a waste product called urea, which your kidneys are responsible for getting rid of. That means excess protein in the diet puts a strain on the kidneys.
Keep Your Electrolytes Balanced Is It True that PKD Patients Should Not Eat Spicy Foods Is Watermelon Good to Eat for Stage Five PKD Patient
For most people, this translates to "cut back on salt." Electrolytes are vital minerals in the body, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The body relies on the kidneys to keep these in balance. Most people eating a typical "Western" diet get too much salt, which can throw this delicate balance off. This is why so many people with polycystic kidney disease develop high blood pressure.

In addition, patients with PKD should not have sea food, which can stimulate the growth of cysts. They should also stop drinking alcohol, smoking and so on. What’s more, chocolate, a snack which is popular in many countries, should also be forbidden

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