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Proper Diet for Lupus Nephritis

Patients with Lupus Nephritis suffer a lot from the symptoms such as rashes, joint pain and hair loss. Taking hormone medicine can only help reduce the protein in urine and the damage to the kidneys is permanent. How to prevent the damage to the kidneys while receiving treatment for Lupus? The following is something about diet control. Hope it can be helpful.
1.The content of fat in the diet should be strictly controlled and reduce the intake of beef, mutton and pork. Eat less fried food and eat more light but nutritious food. Some lean meat and fish can be taken. Protein intake depends on the degree of edema and hypertension of patients with Lupus Nephritis.
2.Avoid seafood and eat less food that contains high styrene-acrylic amino acids such as alfalfa and bean products. Food like onion, chives and cedrela sinensis can aggravate Lupus Nephritis, so they should be avoided.Stem Cell Therapy for Lupus Nephritis Treatment for Lupus Nephritis, Creatinine 5.6 With Joint Pain
3.Food contains high phenylalanine and tyrosine such as beef and not skimmed milk can aggravate the disease condition, so it should be eat less or controlled. Beef should be controlled between 100~150g, and the milk should be controlled between 100~125g.Diet Plan for a Child of 10yrs With Lupus Nephritis Nutrition Facts for Stage 4 Lupus Nephritis Healthy Eating for Lupus Nephritis Patients
4.Eat more food contains vitamin A , B6, D, and E. Food rich in vitamin A include cod-liver oil, milk and eggs. Food rich in carotene include carrot, coin, sweet potato, tomato, cherry, loquat and orange. Food contains high vitamin B6 include yeast, wheat germ, coin and oat. Dairy products and eggs are rich in vitamin D and wheat germ, vegetable oil, cream and lettuce are rich in vitamin E.

The above are the details about diet for Lupus Nephritis. However, treatment is still the most important. We hope patients can receive treatment early. Especially patients with renal function damage. We should stop the progressing of the disease and try our best to recover the kidney function and avoid dialysis in the end.

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