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Natural Remedy for Protein in Urine of Kidney Disease

Is there any natural remedy for protein in urine? Protein in urine makes people worried, which indicates damage in kidney for protein leaks out through the filtration membrane in kidney. Long time leaking out of protein will lead to low protein in plasma and edema consequently, etc.
Regular treatment in many countries is hormone and immunosuppressive agent such as methylprednisolone(IVMP), glucocorticoid, steroid, which can indeed control the symptoms and What Does Protein Mean in Urine in Diabetics diminish proteins for the time being. But it can not treat protein in urine from root for it can not repair the damaged cells in the kidney. What’s more, hormone and immunosuppressive agent also have side effects such as bleeding of mucosa in digestive tract, increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and low immune ability. Some kidney disease patients feel excited and hard to fall asleep. Long time application of glucocorticoid can not only lead to the low immunity but also make the body invaded easily or the relapse of kidney disease. Last but not least, all kinds of hormone and immunosuppressive agent do harm to the health and growth of kids.Proteinuria and Kidney Disease Can Acupuncture Help Lupus Nephritis Patient Reduce Protein in Their Urine

Is there any natural remedy for protein in urine? TCM (traditional Chinese medicine - Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease) is a good choice, which is abstracted from natural herbs in nature and contains active and nutritious substances. After it is applied into the body, it can repair the damaged cells especially the renal glomerular filtration membrane. Every coin has two sides and the same goes for the TCM. It will take a long time to smash and boil, which is not convenient, so on the basis of which, we researched Micro-Chinese Medicine, which is applied through osmosis and more convenient and effective than TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

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