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How to Reduce Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN) Level Naturally

BUN, which is short for Blood Urea Nitrogen, is a metabolism product of the body the same as creatinine, urea nitrogen, and so on. If not cleared away, they will do harm to the body for they are toxic. How to reduce blood urea nitrogen level is concerned by many kidney disease patients, and they also want to find out a natural way.
1.how blood urea nitrogen(BUN) becomes high? Medicines for High Blood Urea Nitrogen Level
In normal condition, urea nitrogen comes out of the body at last through the renal glomerular filtration membrane in the kidney. When kidney fails, the renal intrinsic cells will be damaged accordingly. So is the renal glomerular filtration membrane. In this case, small toxic molecules will not leak out such as urea and lead to high blood urea nitrogen(BUN) and urea acid and so on.
2.how to reduce high blood urea nitrogen(BUN) naturally? High BUN Level
Here we introduce tradition Chinese medicine(TCM)’s advanced version Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is really a natural way to lower urea and creatinine.BUN Level in Reference to Kidney Disease Can Elevated BUN and Creatinine Be the Only Signs of Dehydration
Firstly, after the medicine enters the body, it will dilate blood vessels, extend the micro-blood vessels, thus improving the entire blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis and improving the insufficiency of blood and oxygen in the body. Secondly, Micro-Chinese Medicine also contains rich and abundant vitamins, trace elements, minerals etc. They can provide abundant nutrients for restoring the impaired kidneys, especially the renal glomerular filtration membrane.

Last but not least, Micro-Chinese Medicine can also regulate the immune system and increase the immune ability, after which, kidney can remove the toxins out by itself and symptoms such as urea in urine will not relapse once more.

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