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How to Protect the Remaining Kidney Function

For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, although recover kidney function they have lost is the root solution to get rid of kidney disease, protecting remaining kidney function also is dispensable to the recovery procedure. Then do you know how to protect the remaining kidney function?
First of all, if your kidney disease is secondary disease, then treating the primary disease is the fist thing you should do. With various causes, different kinds of Chronic Kidney Disease develop differently. For example, Diabetic Nephropathy has a quick development in the early stage; however, if patients can treat Diabetes actively or have a better control about blood glucose, then speed of losing kidney function will be slowed down or even stopped. Therefore, treating primary disease is the root treatment method for patients with secondary kidney disease.
Secondly, high blood pressure is a dominant factor in accelerating kidney disease and especially among patients with dialysis. Hence, controlling of high blood pressure has a great significance in stooping the progress of Chronic Kidney Disease.Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease Hot Compress Therapy for Kidney Disease Acupuncture for Kidney Disease Foot Bath for Kidney Disease
Thirdly, if you are a patient with dialysis, then preventing hypotension is also essential. With insufficiency of blood supply, remaining healthy renal intrinsic cells can not get enough nutrient substances, as a result, more and more renal cells are damage. With the increase of damaged renal cells, kidney function is impaired further. Thereby, preventing the occurrence of hypotension is very necessary in protecting remaining kidney function.How to Treat Kidney Failure With Chinese Medicine
Fourthly, arranging a reasonable diet is also important for patients who have Chronic Kidney Disease, but without dialysis. Healthy diet is the assistant treatment in treating Chronic Kidney Disease. Without reasonable diet, even if the disease is controlled, it is easy for the disease to relapse. Therefore, having a reasonable diet is inevitable in protecting remaining kidney function.

Actually, apart from these, for patient with Chronic Kidney Disease, there are a lot of matters needing attention. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease have impaired kidney function and it is hard for them to get it back, so protecting remaining kidney function is vital for them. These are just the basic information about protecting remaining kidney function, if you want to know more, please consult our consultant online, or leave message to me.

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