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How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally

How to improve kidney function naturally? Generally, besides treatment, there are some natural ways which can help relieve kidney disease which goes as follows:
1. rest and massage
When people can not have enough rest, the glomeruli in the kidney will do more work and get tired after a long time there appears insufficiency of blood and oxygen. In this case, the normal glomeruli will do more work to replace the damaged one.
To remit, patients with kidney disease need more rest, which can make the whole body relaxed. Massage is a good way to help the intrinsic cells relaxed for it can promote the blood circulation, thus improving the micro-circulation at the same time and relieving the insufficiency of blood and oxygen in the kidney. After this, some damaged intrinsic cells in the kidney can turn normal.
2. limit the sexual activity I Have 11% Kidney Function: Could I Reverse It
Among end stage renal disease patients, women on dialysis are much easier to have sexual dysfunction. 84% of all women and 55% of sexually active women in the study experienced sexual problems. In this case, sexual activity will worsen kidney function.Kidney Failure With 15% Function: When Dialysis Is Needed
3. Ayurveda therapy Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with 17% Kidney Function
It is aimed at the treatment, and it treats the body, soul and heart as a whole , the emphasis of which is the harmonious condition of people and nature. It focuses on changing the life attitude and adjusts the unbalance of the body. In India, the government attach more importance on Ayurveda therapy and it really plays an important role in treating disease including kidney diseases.
4. Acupuncture Acupuncture for Kidney Disease
It is used to stimulate shenyu point, which can increase the secretion function. The discharge amount of phenol red becomes more obviously. The red blood cells, white blood cells and protein in urine turn less and even disappear. Blood pressure declines, edema relieves as well accordingly.
5. Chinese medicine Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease

It has a long history and is abstracted from herbs in nature, which has no side effect and can improve the blood circulation and repair the damaged intrinsic cells in the kidney. In recent years, to make it more convenient, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created, which is more effective and convenient and easier to operate.

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