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How to Cope with Hunger for Diabetes

As we know, increased hunger is one typical hunger for diabetes patients which follows increased urine, increased thirst and decreased body weight. In diabetes, blood sugar can not be metabolized normally, which leads to hunger for the short of energy. How to deal with hunger? Too excessive hunger can also lead to risk and may even increase blood sugar much higher.
1. Diabetes patients should adapt it gradually. They can also consider a new treatment and diet plan on the basis of this one and adjust it gradually.
2. Diabetes patients should eat some grain or minor cereals and vegetables, which can increase the tolerance to hunger.
3. If you are really hard to control the hunger, you can have some food of low carbohydrate and take in more food rich in fibrin such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, bitter gourd and so on.

4. Reduce the amount of meal by 20% when you are at table and eat it when you are in hunger.

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