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Food for IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease)

IgA Nephropathy (Berger’s Disease) is characterized by the deposition of IgA immune complex on the renal mesangial area which can be divided into four main types such as minimal change, mild change, diffuse mesangial proliferative nephritis and diffuse sclerotic renal glomerular nephritis. Effective and timely treatment is really necessary. Besides, diet should also be paid attention to, the principles of which go as follows:

IgA Nephropathy has different types and the damage degree in renal glomeruli also varies. So we should monitor the relapse of gross hematuria and protein in urine. We should also monitor whether we have had high blood pressure and how the kidney is damaged so that we can take effective measures. The detailed tips are as follows:Nutritional Help for Patients with Berger’s Disease Home Remedy for IgA Nephropathy Patients
1. low amount but good quality protein Best Beverage for IgA Nephropathy
Patients with Berger’s Disease should take in protein on the basis of the kidney damage degree. If the damage is not serious, we should not restrict the protein strictly. However, the intake should not be over 1g /2kg body weight. Good quality protein should take up at least 50% such as egg white, milk, lean meat.
2. limit the intake of salt How to Select Protein Food for IgA Nephropathy
Generally, patients should keep low salt diet. For those who are suffering from serious edema, we should control the salt intake strictly, the amount of which should be kept under 2g. Those with severe edema should have no salt diet.
3. If patients with IgA Nephritis have high potassium, they should stop bananas, oranges, tomatoes, pumpkin, tea and so on.
4. stop alcohol

Alcohol can stimulate mucosa and blood vessels, which can accelerate inflammation. When mucosa bleeds, red blood cells will leak out, thus causing hematuria.

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