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Diet of Patients with Elevated Creatinine

Foods are ever-present in our daily life and they are the foundation of our survival. However, not all the foods are good for our health, so we should limit the intake of some foods. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), their diet should be restricted more.
Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) usually have elevated creatinine. Creatinine is the metabolin of muscles in our body and it is usually excreted through glomeruli. Glomerulus has filtration function, which can help us to excrete excessive water, electrolyte, and toxic substances. Due to renal damage, creatinine can not be filtered out, causing accumulation of it in our body. Heating up of creatinine can cause damages to our other organs. Hence, in order to reduce the accumulation of it, patients with elevated creatinine should pay much more attention to their diet.Herbal Treatment for Diabetes, Heart Disease and Creatinine 4.9 What If Serum Creatinine 4.6 and eGFR 23
★ Foods which are abundant in phosphorus should not be eaten too much by patients with elevated creatinine(High Creatinine Levels). These foods include aquatic product, pluck, dried fruit and yolk. Aquatic products include fish, shrimp, kelp, nori, and cuttlefish. Dried fruits include vicia faba, melon seeds, and sesame and so on. ★ patients with elevated creatinine should not allowed to eat greasy foods, and they should take light diet as their fist choice. When they are cooking, instead of putting animal oil, they can take plant oil which does not contain or is poor in saturated fatty acid.How Bad is Creatinine Level 3.03
★ High-protein foods should be banned for patients with elevated creatinine(How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood). The intake of protein should be controlled under twenty gram a day and meanwhile, these protein ingested by patients should be high-quality protein.

★ Intake of salt should be limited. In their daily life, salty foods such as various pickles should not be allowed for patients with elevated creatinine. Furthermore, if patients have serious swelling and high blood pressure, they should adopt salt-free diet.

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