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Diet of Children with Chronic Nephritis

Chronic Nephritis which is a kind of Chronic Kidney Disease, which not only happens to adult, but also happens to children. For children with Chronic Nephritis, their diet on one hand should be beneficial to their disease, on another hand, if must meet the needs of their growing.
★ control the intake of salt
If patients with Chronic Nephritis have serious symptoms of edema and high blood pressure, and then the intake of salt should be limited, which usually ranges from one gram to three gram. For children with Chronic Nephritis, the intake of salt depends on their illness condition. In their daily life, salted foods should avoid being taken. Moreover, children with Chronic Nephritis should eat low-sodium foods such as rice, flour, eggplant, cucumber and pumpkin.
★ low-protein and low-phosphorous diet Diet Therapy for Glomerulonephritis
Low-protein and low-phosphorous can help to suspend glomerular sclerosis and the decrease of renal function. Therefore, for children with Chronic Nephritis, the protein intake should be appropriate. Furthermore, sixty percent of protein ingested by children patients should be high-quality protein such as those in eggs, milk, lean meat and fish. Foods which are poor in phosphorus include vermicelli, cabbage, egg white, celery, spinach, tomato, sugarcane, and lotus root starch.Is Cranberry Good For Chronic Nephritis Patients
★ adequate carbohydrate Indian Diet or Food List for Nephritis
Due to the limited intake of protein, the major energy comes from carbohydrate. Thereby, for children patients with Chronic Nephritis, the intake of saccharide should be more than before, so as to meet requires of their body. In addition, adequate calories can reduce the consumption of protein, so as to reduce the heavy burdens of kidneys. Foods which are suitable for children patients conclude vermicelli, potato and lotus root starch.Can Pomegranate Juice Protect Nephritis from Kidney Failure
★ high-calcium diet

Children patients should ingest adequate calcium. Foods which are rich in calcium conclude shrimp, potato, carrot, lettuce and green vegetable. Besides, they also should avoid eating foods which contain large amount of oxalate or have bad influences on the absorption of calcium. These foods include spinach, bamboo shoots, celery, and beans. Furthermore, leaf mustard, cayenne pepper, spice, pepper and coffee are not allowed for children with Chronic Nephritis.

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