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Daily Care for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Scientific and rational diet is quite favourable to the recovery of patients who suffer Chronic Kidney Disease. To some degree, daily care is as important as medical treatment. To patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, intake of protein and water are important in their daily care.
In normal circumstances, the protein in our food will be digested. Some protein is absorbed to meet requirements of normal human physiological needs. In addition, through catabolism, some protein becomes nitrogenous substance, which is excreted from kidneys. Kidneys serve as a natural filter of the blood, and remove wastes. In producing urine, the kidneys excrete wastes such as urea and ammonium.Is A Vegetarian Diet Beneficial for CKD Stage 4 Patients
As for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, their kidneys are damaged and unable to work normally. At that time, if patients eat too much high-protein food, the nitrogenous product of protein can’t be discharged but accumulate in the blood, thus aggravating damage on kidneys. Therefore, limiting the intake of protein can reduce the burden of remaining nephrons and postpone the progress of glomerulosclerosis and renal insufficiency, which play an important role in treating Chronic Kidney Disease.Home Remedy for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease
In addition, how about the intake of water? Is OK to Eat Sugarcane for Kidney Disease Patients Diet for Stage 4 Kidney Failure Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
As we know, 70 % of human body weight is water, so water is significant to human. Normally, drinking more water is beneficial to us and eight glasses of water a day is recommended. However, most of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are advised to limit fluid intake, especially those in end stage of Chronic Kidney Disease. Then what is the reason?Can Stage 4 Kidney Disease Patient Eat Fish

It is very difficult to deal with fluid restriction .In order to control the water intake, patients can use smaller cups and glasses and avoid salt and salty foods. Besides, gargling with ice cold water, sucking an ice cube or chewing gum can be helpful to keep thirst under control. Of course, there are many ways for daily care of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. If you want to know more, you can mail me.

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