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Chinese herbs for protein in urine in Kidney Disease

Why is there protein in urine?
In most cases, Protein in Urine is a sign of kidney disease. Protein is stopped from being leaked through glomerualr filtration membrane and occurrence of massive protein in urine shows that the filtration membrane is damaged. Glomerular filtration membrane is composed of several types of functional cells and when some of these renal intrinsic cells are damaged, filtration function will be impaired and as a result, protein can not be prevented from being leaked.How Can I Get this Chinese Herbs for Kidney Failure
When the kidneys are not working well, protein begins to leak from the blood to the urine. In return, leakage of protein further damages the kidneys. Therefore, cure of protein in urine plays an important role in slowing down the progression of kidney disease.
How do Chinese herbs treat protein in urine? Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease Proteinuria and Kidney Disease

Chinese herbs can broaden blood vessels in the body, they can improve the blood syImmunotherapy and have the function of anti-freezing,anti-inflammatory and avoid thrombopoiesis in the body. Chinese herbs can help us fix the damage kidney function and renew the kidney functions. What is more, they can repair the damaged cells in the kidneys and stop the protein urine forming. When epithelial cells are repaired, glomeruli will not leak protein any more. So Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is regarded as a permanent therapy. As to Immunotherapy, it is often used to rebuild renal function when a patient’s renal function is impaired by repeated relapse of protein in urine.

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