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Chinese Herbal Hot Bath Enhances Immunity for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Chinese herbal hot bath can really be used to enhance immunity for chronic kidney disease patients. Many kidney diseases are caused by immune problem: low immunity or immune disorder such as lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis and so on. On the basis of it, Chinese herbal hot bath is also aimed at enhancing immune ability as well as diminishing fatigue, loosing weight and making ladies more beautiful.
More than one traditional Chinese herbs is mixed together according to a prescription and then is boiled, after which, the hot water will be poured into a tub. Kidney disease patients can lie down in it just like bath in daily times and enjoy it.A Natural Herbal Treatment for Kidney Failure Stage 5 Herbal Supplement to Lower Creatinine Levels
What’s the mechanism of Chinese herbal hot bath?
In hot water, the pore in the skin of kidney disease patients will be open and the materials inside and outside of the body will have an exchange. On one hand, the toxins inside of the body will come out and the nutritious herbs will penetrate into the body and flow in the blood circulation. In this case, micro-blood circulation can be improved and blood stasis will also be dissolved. Inflammation will also be cleared, yin and yang will be regulated at the same time. According to the theory of west therapy, immune ability will also be enhanced.What Herbal Medicine Can Treat Kidney Failure Herbal Medicine for Improving Remaining Renal Function 30%
As we know, after kidney disease patients regain normal immune system, they can clear or swallow the pathological abnormal substances such as bacteria, virus, immune complex and so on by themselves. Hormones and immunosuppressive agent can only block the immune inflammatory response, but after the immune system is normal, they can stop the immune inflammatory response and clear away the bacteria, virus, immune complex and so on.Herbal Treatment for Diabetes, Heart Disease and Creatinine 4.9

In addition, kidney disease patients can use Chinese herbal hot bath, which can help repair the damaged cells in the immune inflammatory response for it contains so much nutritious materials, thus helping recovering immune system in a rapid speed.

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