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Chinese Herbal Bathe and Kidney Disease Treatment

Chinese Herbal Bathe and Kidney Disease Treatment
Chinese herbal bathe can be used to treat kinds of kidney diseases and other diseases, which comes down to the following ones:
Indications of Chinese herbal bathe:
1. chronic renal failure(nitremia)
2. edema or swelling in glomerular nephritis
3. skin inching, chronic skin disease
4. pain of joint or muscles caused by rheumatism and immune disease
5. infection and kidney disease A Natural Herbal Treatment for Kidney Failure Stage 5
6. diabetes and peripherl polyneuropthy(hemp pain in feet and hands)
7. dispel fatigue and improve sleep quality Herbal Supplement to Lower Creatinine Levels
8. degrade fat and help loose weight
the contraindication of Chinese herbal bathe:Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
1. people with too high blood pressure
2. people with ardent fever and profuse sweating
3. wound in skin Herbal Medicine for Improving Remaining Renal Function 30%
4. people with severe heart disease
5. be allergic to Chinese herbal bathe
tips when doing Chinese herbal bathe:
1. the temperature of medicine should be kept at 37°~ 39°.Too hot bathe may damage skin.
2. People who are too hungry or full, too tired or drunk are forbidden to take Chinese herbal bathe.
3. If bathe leads to allergic reaction, stop it at once.
4. After herbal bathe, people with kidney disease should lie down and have a rest for two hours.
5. Avoid getting cold, touching cold things, drink cold drinks, and touch toxins.
6. After treatment, have a sleep which at least lasts 2 hours.
In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we have mainly four kinds of Chinese herbal bathe: number 1, number 2, number 3 and number 4.
Number 1 Chinese herbal bath is mainly used to improve the subhealth condition, which is fit for weak people, and those who are easy to get tired, have bad sleep quality, easy to get cold, have bad digestion and spiritless. It is suitable for all patients with chronic kidney disease for it can enhance the immune ability to fight against the disease.
Number 2 Chinese herbal bathe can be used in people who have renal edema or swelling, chronic renal failure and infection.
Number 3 Chinese herbal bathe is especially used to treat skin itchy or itching which is caused by uremia, kinds of chronic skin disease, acne caused by hormone application.

Number 4 Chinese herbal bathe is in particular used to treat pain in joints and muscles which is caused by rheumatism immune diseases.

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