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Care for Type 1 Diabetes

Besides treatment, patients with Type 1 Diabetes should also pay attention to the daily care, which can assist the treatment. Most patients are youngsters and they should take care from diet, exercise, psychotherapy.
1. energy intake
Patients should have proper amount of energy intake, which can meet the need of the body. And they should also limit the intake if the body weight is out of range.
2. protein
The intake of protein can influence the change of renal haemodynamics. Too much intake of protein can increase the burden of the kidney.
3. fibrin Both Kidneys Are Failed for Diabetics: What to Do
The intake of fibrin can lower the blood glucose after meal. However, too much intake can also lead to discomfort in belly and influence the absorption of minerals. Can People Who Are Diabetic Be On Peritoneal Dialysis
4. fat
The intake of fat in a day should account for 30 to 50 of the total at most. They can also have two fish in a week.
Exercise Does Diabetic Patient Need to Have Dialysis with Creatinine 9.7
Exercise help patients with Type 1 Diabetes make full use of blood glucose and control the blood glucose. So patients with Type 1 Diabetes can take part in activities such as dancing, swimming. In addition, avoid climbing and diving, which are strenuous and may lead to low blood glucose, thus causing danger.
Psychotherapy also plays an important role in the recovery. So parents and friends should take care of children with Type 1 Diabetes and help them be confident that as long as the treatment is proper and they follow doctor’s advice, they can recover and live a normal life.

In addition, as for the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes, they are suggested to take immunotherapy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, which is a combination therapy of Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine such as Immunotherapy. Firstly, it can give a general adjustment, improve the blood circulation, dissolve the blood stasis, improve the function of pancrease islet, thus lowing blood sugar, thus treating diabetes. Secondly, it has little side effect, compared with western medicine and can improve the life quality of patients. For more information, please consult us online or email us.

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