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Can Renal Insufficiency Patients Drink Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink especially in western countries, which can make people fresh, and comfortable. Coffee in some countries even stands for romance, high class and high life quality. Many modern ladies gather to taste coffee in their leisure time, which is a enjoyable moment. In addition, coffee, coco, and tea make the three dominant drinks in the world. However, when patients get kidney disease, especially when they develop into renal insufficiency stage, can they drink coffee as usual? The answer is no. The reasons are as follows:Will Taking Coffee Daily Increases Creatinine Levels
Firstly, long time drinking coffee can make patients with renal insufficiency have kidney stone, which can increase the burden of the kidney. The elements in coffee can increase the amount of calcium in the urine, which is the main reason why patients with renal insufficiency have kidney stone.Can Patients with High Creatinine Level Drink Coffee or Coke
Secondly, coffee contains antioxygen, so drinking coffee can be good for our body. However, if we drink too much, the essential oil in coffee can block the function of blood vessels, and can also make a large amount of toxins accumulate, which can damage the immune. In addition, excessive drinking can also lead to osteoporosis, thus causing cardiovascular disease.Can People with Polycystic Kidney Disease Drink Coffee

Thirdly, coffee can relieve epinephrine, which can relieve patients, and supply the energy. But excessive in take can increase cortisol and epinephrine rapidly, which can lead to renal failure.

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