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Can Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Have Milk

As one of the optimal breakfasts, Milk can always get people’s preference, especially children's. Milk is rich in varies nutrient substances, therefore, we always regard it as the best food for us to choose. While, when it comes to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, is it still good for them to drink milk?
The fact is due to the abundance of calcium and high-quality protein in milk, it is good for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease to drink some milk. However, although they are allowed to have milk, some principles should be followed while people drinking.
First of all, because of the bad influence on gastrointestinal functions, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid drinking too much cold milk. Cold milk can give rise to mild diarrhea, which makes the nutrient substances in milk can not be absorbed fully.What Kind of Milk Can Dialysis Patient Drink
Secondly, before drinking milk, some patients may have the habit of cooking milk under high temperature. Actually, this kind of habit should be kicked, because high temperature cooking will reduce the nutritional value of milk. With the effects of high temperature, protein in milk will transform into jelly-like state from colloidal state, resulting in the occurrence of deposition. The best method of warming milk is putting bagged milk into hot water for about five minute.
Thirdly, acidity beverage should be avoided while drinking milk. About eighty percent of protein in milk is casein and PH value in milk lower than 4.6, then massive of casein will deposit. Deposited protein is hard to be digested by people and it may result in dyspepsia or diarrhea(Diarrhea in Kidney Disease). Thereby, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they should avert drinking milk and acidity beverage together.Foods to Avoid for Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure Is Melatonin a Good Sleep Aide for CKD Stage 3
Fourthly, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are not allowed to drink milk on an empty stomach. If they do, milk will stay for a short time in their stomach. As a result, before nutrient substances in milk are digested or absorbed, they will be removed to large intestine, which cause waste of nutrition. Thereby, no matter for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or our healthy people, eating some foods before drinking milk is better.What Is the Effect of Lactose Milk on CKD Patients Milk Substitutions for Kidney Disease and Diabetes
Fifthly, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid drinking milk one hour before or after taking pills. Mineral substances in milk can react with ingredients in medicine, which will affect medicinal effect. Hence, avoid drinking milk one hour before or after taking pills is also very necessary.

Milk plays such a common role in our daily life that we always ignore the principles we should pay attention to. Actually, besides milk, there are many foods whose acceptable intake should be under the suggestions of doctors or dieticians. In a word, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should pay much more attention in their diet, so as to avoid the aggravation of their disease. For more information, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

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