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Can Chronic Kidney Disease patients drink milk? Milk contains essential and a variety of amino acid, and the amount is also enough. In addition, the structure of protein is quite similar to that of humans, which means that the nutrition is easy to be absorbed. So it is good for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to have some milk, which contains good quality protein. Experts summed up the advantages if patients with Chronic Kidney Disease patients drink milk.
Firstly, in the process of Chronic Kidney Disease, patients may suffer from the disorder of calcium and phosphorus. But in milk, the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is proper, which can help adjust the disorder in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.What Is the Effect of Lactose Milk on CKD Patients
Secondly, in milk, there is not enough milk sugar, which means that even patients with Diabetic Nephropathy can have a bag per day.What Kind of Milk Can Dialysis Patient Drink
Thirdly, the carbohydrate in milk is milk sugar, which can adjust gastric acid, promote the movement of the stomach and intestine and the secretion of glandula digestive. In addition, milk sugar can promote the absorption of calcium.
Fourthly, the fat in milk contains much energy, which is also easy to be absorbed. What’s more, often drinking milk can also do good to the skin, and relieve the dryness and withered hair caused by Chronic Kidney Disease.Milk Substitutions for Kidney Disease and Diabetes
Besides milk, what other food should patients with Chronic Kidney Disease pay attention to?Acupuncture for Kidney Disease Herbal Medicine Treats Kidney Disease
Firstly, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should not take in food rich in salt. For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, they can not discharge the urine well. At this time, if they have excessive water, their edema will become more serious and the blood volume will increase as well. Both of them can lead to heart failure. In a word, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should keep low salt diet.
Secondly, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should avoid spicy condiment such as pepper, mustard, black pepper, and so on.
Thirdly, Chronic Kidney Disease patients with high blood presser and anemia should limit the intake of fat, for fat can worsen the arteriosclerosis, and inhibit the function of producing blood.

Last but not least, Chronic Kidney Disease patients should limit the plant protein when necessary. It is because plant protein can produce more nitrogen, which can bring more burden to the kidney.

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