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Will Patients Die if They Have Chronic Kidney Disease

Some people aked me the same questions, 'I have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, will I die? ' . Is there any other treatment for CKD other than dialysis?
Although patients with Chronic Kidney Disease will not die immediately, but if they can not receive an effective treatment in the early stage, the consequence of the disease in the end stage is very serious.
Will patients with Chronic Kidney Disease die? Yes, we cannot deny that patients with Chronic Kidney Disease will die early than the healthy people. So for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, if they still have some remaining renal function, they should have some effective treatment as soon as possible to improve their renal function so that dialysis and kidney transplantation can be avoided or delayed. Is there an effective treatment that can stop the aggravation of the Chronic Kidney Disease?
If patient is being attacked by Chronic Kidney Disease, the doctor will give them some pills for high blood pressure if they have hypertension. If they have large volume of protein in urine, doctor will give them cyclophosphamide to remit their protein in urine. These medicine can only remit the symptoms of the patients. But the damaged kidneys cannot be repaired. So if the medicine is stopped, the symptoms will appear again.
Is there an effective treatment that can repair the damaged kidneys fundamentally? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an improvement of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, it is an external application. The substances of the medicine is being permeated into the kidney lesions with the help of osmosis devices, thus repairing the damaged kidneys fundamentally. If the kidneys can be repaired to some degree, the level of creatinine will be lowered down, and the protein in urine can be remited or even eliminated.
If patient’s kidneys have been damaged seriously, only Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can not repair them fundamentally, we must take Immunotherapy Transplantation into the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease.
After being treated with these two treatment, the patient’s renal function can be improved greatly. But if the patient’s illness condition is too serious, our treatment can not help them. Because the therapeutic effect of our treatment is based on the patient’s current illness condition and renal function.

So I suggest patients with Chronic Kidney Disease can have treatment as soon as possible. If you are interested in our treatment, you can consult us online, or you can email me by me. It is our pleasure to help you!

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