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Why Should People with Chronic Kidney Disease Change Their Dietary Habits

Healthy diet is important for we human being and each of us have different flavor. Some of us love spicy foods and some of us love sweet foods. However, no matter how much do you love these foods, you should change your flavor once you are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Well then, why should people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease change their dietary habits?
Usually, foods eaten by us will be disintegrated into simple substances which will get into our blood. With blood circulation, these simple substances are transferred into every part of our body. During the process of disintegrating, wastes will be formed. Accumulation of wastes in our blood can cause fatigue and weakness. In normal condition, our kidneys can help us discharge the wastes and fluids existing in our blood and at the same time retain the useful substances. While, as to people with Chronic Kidney Disease, their kidneys can not work well, so they have to have a change about the types and quality of foods eaten by them. Through changing the food types and food quality, we can help to reduce the burden of our kidneys and lower the morbidity of complications of Chronic Kidney Disease.
People suffer from different severity of Chronic Kidney Disease will have different dietary principles. For example, if people with Chronic Kidney Disease have swelling, then they need to reduce the intake of water. In addition, they have to limit the intake of salt as salt is rich in sodium. Accumulation of excessive water and sodium in our body is the one of major causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. Moreover, due to the easy appearance of Hyperkalemia, people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease also should limit the intake of potassium. Protein which is one of the most important substances in maintaining our normal activities, so try to ingest enough protein is very necessary for us. However, for people with Chronic Kidney Disease, due to the renal damage, protein can not be kept in their body and as a result, large amount of protein leak out of their body along with urine. Proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) is manifested as foamy urine. Ingesting too much of protein will aggravate proteinuria symptom, so people with large amount of proteinuria usually are asked to limit the intake of protein.

Since unhealthy diet can help people with Chronic Kidney Disease get better recovery, it is necessary for them to change their dietary habits. For more information, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

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