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Why Is Serum Creatinine High

It is widely known that serum creatinine is a very important project which can test renal function. So kidney disease patients are much concerned about the level of serum creatinine when they have an examination. Why does serum creatinine rise?
Serum creatinine is a metabolism product from muscles, the normal range of which is 44-133umol/L. Creatinine is small molecules, which can be filtrated through renal glomerular filtration membrane. So normally, it is discharged out of the body together with urine. However, when the kidney function is damaged, the filtration function is also damaged accordingly, which leads to the rise of serum creatinine.generally, when the glomerular filtration rate(GFR)decreased to one third one of the normal one, serum creatinine begins to rise obviously. It is because kidney has a strong ability of compensation, which means that after some renal glomeruli are damaged, other normal renal glomeruli can do more filtration work. So when the kidney damage is not so serious, patients can not feel any symptoms or discomfort. When serum creatinine rises, kidney disease patients begin to have symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, diziness, and so on.
Why does serum creatinine rise? The reasons why serum creatinien goes as follows:
Firstly, increased serum creatinine can be caused by renal reasons such as acute nephritis, chronic nephritis,serious pyelonephritis, nephrotuberculosis, renal vascular sclerosis, congenital Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD), renal tumor,and so on.
Secondly, increased serum creatinine can be caused by prerenal reasons such as congestive heart failure, serious burning, shock, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, dehydration, severe infection, acidosis caused by diabetes, decreased adrenal cortex function, hepatorenal syndrome, and so on.
Since that we have known why serum creatinine is high or rises(High Creatinine Levels) , how can we take measures to decline it? As we mentioned above, high creatinine in the body is due to the damaged renal filtration function. In other words, renal glomerlar filtration membrane is damaged. So if we want to treat high creatinine fundamentally, we should repair the damaged renal glomerlar filtration membrane. Only in this way, can the serum creatinine stop rising from root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair it. After it is in the renal area, it can clear away the immune complex and lesion tissues. Then, it can repair the damaged renal glomerlar filtration membrane for there is nutritious material. After renal glomerlar filtration membrane is repaired, kidney function is rebuilt, the filtration area is enlarged and serum creatinine will decline consequently.

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