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Why Is Nephritis Easy To Relapse

Most of people with Nephritis may have experience that even a minor disease can cause the relapse of their disease. Relapse of Nephritis can be caused by many factors and what can we get from the recurrent Nephritis?
First of all, we all know that if we do not treat our disease fundamentally, then it will be easy to relapse and even if it is a minor disease. Therefore, if people have repeated Nephritis after the treatment, then it may indicate that their disease is not treated fundamentally. Moreover, improper treatment not only makes patients miss the optimal time for fundamental treatment, but also aggravates their disease; therefore, choosing an effective treatment is of primary importance.
Secondly, relapse of Nephritis may also imply that you do not have a reasonable living habit and diet. For example, if people with Nephritis ingest too much salt and potassium which will increase their kidney burden, their disease will relapse. Besides, overstrain will also cause relapse of Nephritis.
Thirdly, apart from the above two points, relapse of Nephritis may also tell us that we ever got infection or we ever have been in a state of stress. Among these, infection of bacterium and virus is the most common cause of relapse of Nephritis, especially the infection of upper respiratory tract, flu, pharyngitis, asymptomatic bacteriuria.

Causes of Nephritis are various and similar with it, relapse of Nephritis can also be caused by many factors. Actually, apart from these, disorder of acid-base and electrolyte is also the cause of acute deterioration of Nephritis. Aggravated Nephritis finally will lead to end stage of renal failure. Therefore, to avoid the relapse of Nephritis, people with it should receive effective treatment as early as possible and at the same forming a good living and diet habit. For more information, please email to or consult our consultant online.

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