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Why Creatinine Level Rises

Why does creatinine level rise? Creatinine is a kind of small molecules which is the metabolism product and should be discharged out of the body into urine. In normal condition, the normal level is 44 to 103 umol/L. It comes out of the body through renal glomerular filtration membrane for in the membrane, there are pores which allows small molecules leak out such as creatinine, urea acid and so on.
However, when there is something wrong with the kidney, the filtration membrane will be damaged and the pores will be damaged at the same time. So creatinine in the serum can not leak out into urine as usual, thus causing high creatinine level in the blood. Kidney disease comes into being accordingly.
How does high creatinine do harm to the body?
As we mentioned above, creatinine is a metabolism product, which is toxic, so long time high creatinine in the blood can make organs and tissues in a bad inner environment and is affected eventually, which is the complications of kidney disease.
How to deal with high creatinine level?

To solve it from root, we should repair the damaged renal glomerular membrane. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which contains many active herbs and other materials and can supply nutrition and repair the damaged renal glomerular filtration membrane.

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