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What You Can Do After Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

It is very hard for us, including our family and friends, to accept the fact of diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). However, although Chronic Kidney Disease is an intractable disease, in our life, there are many adoptable measures which can go a long way towards helping control the disease.
First of all, if you are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, the fist thing you should do is to have a thorough knowledge about your disease, such as remaining renal function, glomerular filtration rate and size of your kidneys. After knowing these, you should take everything into account and then make a plan of action.
People suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease usually have increased possibility of getting many others diseases such as heart problem. Some diseases caused by Chronic Kidney Disease are life-threatening and sometimes they are the root causes resulting in people’s death. Therefore, another thing need to be done actively is to prevent different complications.
If your kidney disease is secondary disease which means the Chronic Kidney Disease is caused by other diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension (Hypertensive Nephropathy), then have a better control about your primary disease is of great importance for your healthcare. You may be recommended by your doctors to ­­­­­­­­­­­­have a change about your diet, your life style and your living habits. However, no matter what you are asked to do, remember, they do good to your healthy and you should follow them.
One more thing which is the most important for you to do is to choose the correct treatment. Unsuitable treatment may not only make you miss the optimal time for treatment, but also accelerate the development of your disease. Therefore, choosing the correct treatment is of primary importance for you to get recovery. (For more details about choosing correct treatment, please consult our consultant online)

When all these things are done and your disease is brought under control, it is vital to tract your disease progress. That is all about things we can do after diagnosing with Chronic Kidney Disease. If there are any unclear or you want to know more personal guidance, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

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