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What is Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertension is a kind of dangerous disease, which can cause a lot of complications such as diabetes, coronary disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, stroke and so on. In fact, hypertension is the cause of Chronic Kidney Disease as well as the result of Chronic Kidney Disease. However, how does hypertension cause hypertensive nephropathy?
Long time hypertension can lead to the dysfunction of renal blood flow and then the state of hyperperfusion, which results in the increase of MA molecular weight. But kidney has a powerful compensatory ability, so examination results can not show that the kidney is abnormal. It is detected only when kidney gets damaged severely . Unfortunately, the ill condition can not be reversed at that point. Therefore, urine MA can become a diagnosis norm of Chronic Kidney Disease.
Hypertension can cause arteriosclerosis all over the body, especially obvious in kidney. Hypertension arteriosclerosis has a close relationship with kidney failure. 15% hypertension can develop into end-stage Chronic Kidney Disease. So timely and standard treatment of hypertension arteriosclerosis can prevent its further development, which is significant to patients’ life and their family.
Hypertension patients have to take regular examination of urine MA while they are regularly taking medicine, which is helpful to reduce the possibility of renal damage caused by hypertension. Early detection and treatment can reduce the morbidity and delay its development.
To help the treatment of hypertension, patients had better quit smoking, for the nicotine in cigarette can increase blood pressure, which can advance the occurrence of atherosclerosis. What’s more, hypertension patients have to eat less animal fat, animal viscera, sweet food and high-heat food.

In short, hypertension patients have to eat delicate food, especially vegetables so that the progress of CKD can be postponed..

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