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What is Creatinine Test for Kidney Disease

Creatinine is a break down product of muscles and its amount is usually determined by the amount of muscles. Once produced, it goes into bloodstream by which it reaches to kidneys where it is completely flushed out of body. For the constant amount of one's total muscles, the amount of creatinine is relatively stable. Thus, creatinine levels higher or lower than normal levels may indicate some wrong with the body.
What is creatinine test for Kidney Disease?
Abnormal creatinine levels may point to malfunctioning kidneys. There are three reasons to explain. Firstly, creatinine levels are constant. Secondly, creatinine cannot be reabsorbed by kidneys. Thirdly, creatinine is mainly put away from body by kidneys. Therefore, creatinine test is to check whether the kidneys function well.
When this test is required? High Creatinine Levels
Firstly, to see whether your kidneys are damaged, your doctors may require you, even without kidney disease, to have a such test.
Secondly, to see how effective the treatment is, patients with kidney disease may be asked to do this test.
Thirdly, to see whether medicines damage kidneys, patients taking medicines that may injure kidneys may be wanted to experience this test.
How to do creatinine test? How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood
To do it, you are asked to sit on a chair, stretching out one of your arms and then a doctor will wrap a plastic band on your upper arm to make the blood in vein easy to be taken by injector. Filled with some blood, the injector will be taken to some place where it is analyset.
What should be noticed before the test?

Fast abdomen is demanded and the time of fast abdomen also has standard. It should more than eight hours and less than twelve hours. Twelve hours of fast may result hypoglycemia which will cause low glucose in blood. Low glucose in blood cannot supply enough energy needed to do this activity. To ensure accurate result of this test, you should obey this rule and what the doctor has said.

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