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What factors worsen the illness condition of Nephritis?

Nephritis is the main cause of the Uremia. Inappropriate or untimely treatment will lead to decline of renal function and aggravation of illness condition, with the Uremia as the final result. So, we should avoid of factors that can worsen the illness. Then, what can influence the illness condition?
Patients with Chronic Nephritis should pay more attention to the following aspects:
1. Avoid of excessive labor. It includes overload physical work, strenuous exercise, working late, and sexual overstrain. All these can worsen the illness condition.
2. Avoid of bacteria and virus infection. Infection is the most common factor which can worsen the Nephritis, especially the infection of the upper respiratory tract, (common cold), asymptomatic bacteriuria, flu, pharyngtis, trachitis, and bronchitis.
3.Avoid of stressful situation when over burden occurs to the body , such as sudden gastrointestinal hemorrhage,serious gastroenteritis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure and allergic shock, etc and excesses the body managing ability, adrenal cortex will urgently adjust the secretion of hormone to cope with these emergencies. And this stressful situation will aggravate the illness condition.
4.The application of drugs, such as amino, gentamicin, kanamycin, and streptomycin will also do harm to the kidneys. .
5.Timely elimination of these dangerous factors together with appropriate treatments guarantees the recovery of patients. If cured timely, most patients can regain sound functioning kidneys. however, if not treated seriously, these above factor may lead to a sudden deterioration of the illness condition and finally lead to Renal failure and Uremia.

As for uremia, chronic nephritis is the main culprit, which accounts for 55.7%. To prevent uremia, it is very important to stop the progressive renal damage. What’s more, when the chronic nephritis is being consolidated, we should try to avoid catching a cold, flu, labor, toxic drugs, and so on. Only in this way, can the Nephritis be controlled.

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