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What does gfr(Glomerular Filtration Rate) Mean

Glomerular Filtration Rate is to measure the rate of glomeruli to filter metabolic wasters, including creatinine, urea, out of body and it is measured in milliliter per minute. Kidneys are made up of millions of tiny glomeruli and their filtration function is also present by those uncountable filters. Besides, although kidneys have many functions, filtration function is taken the first and important place. Therefore, gfr can give us information about how well the kidneys are working.
How to know gfr?
To know what your gfr is, you may be required to give some information about your creatinine level in blood (How to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Blood), sex, age and race. All these factors are related to gfr, so you just do what the doctor told you.
How to know abnormal test values?
The normal values are above 90. If your value is below 60, there are something wrong with your kidneys, and if your values is between 15 and 60, you may be suffer from kidney disease. If your values are below 15, your kidneys are serious damaged and entered kidney failure.
How to do with abnormal values?
Abnormal values mean your kidneys works abnormally and if this situation continues, the kidney will get worse and worse day by day until the whole function of kidneys are lost. That means, you are equal to a person without kidneys. To avoid this horrible condition, you should try your best to prevent the aggressive damage of kidneys.
What should be done about the damaged kidneys?
Even damaged, kidneys still have to do work but its ability is cut down. In order not to put extra load on them, a diet requiring low-protein is suggested. Like other things that have been broken needs repairing, our damaged kidneys are also eager to be repaired. To achieve this goal, Micro-Chinese Medicine is used, which has a powerful ability to repair the damaged kidneys. Once damaged kidneys are repaired, your values of GFR will be improved.

The earlier kidney damage is detected, the better the chance of slowing or stopping its progression. Therefore, never ignore the test of GFR.

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