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What do These Indexes Mean for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

People suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease must know clear the following indexes which will be beneficial for them to know well about their illness condition.
Index one: Serum Creatinine (High Creatinine Levels)
Creatinine is a waste product in our blood that comes from muscle activity. Normally, creatinine is discharged by our kidneys and as renal function is impaired, creatinine piles up in our body. creatinine is not susceptible to our diet, so elevated creatinine level can not be lowered through following some dietary principles. In addition, creatinine level usually does not increase at the early stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, so once increased creainine level always indicates that renal damage has existed for a long time.
Index two: Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)
Glomerular Filtration Rate is called GFR sometimes and it may be estimated from our blood level of creatinine. GFR can tell how much renal function we have and on the basis of it, Chronic Kidney Disease is divided into five stages. In general, occurrence of abnormal symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease appears in stage 3.
Index three: Urine Protein
When your kidneys are damaged, large amount of protein will leak into your urine, which manifested as foamy urine. Proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) is one of the most important manifestations of Chronic Kidney Disease and it always tells that patients’ glomerular filtration membrane is damaged.
Index four: Blood Urine Nitrogen
Blood Urine Nitrogen is the metabolin of protein eaten by us. Similar with creatinien, it is usually removed from our body by kidneys, but when renal function slows down, the Blood Urine Nitrogen level rises. One more thing, increased level of Blood Urine Nitrogen also can be caused by the overeating of protein, so it can not indicate decreased renal function correctly all the time.

Besides, there are many indexes needing to be known by people with Chronic Kidney Disease, such as Microalbuminuria, Serum Albumin, Urine Creatinine, Hematocrit, Total Cholesterol, Potassium and Calcium and so on. All these indexes are helpful in diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease, and if there are abnormal indexes in your test reports, you can consult our consultant or leave message to me , we will try our best to help you find out the causes of them.

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