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What Diseases Are the Omen of Chronic Kidney Disease?

What Diseases Are the Omen of Chronic Kidney Disease?
About half of the Chronic Renal Failure is derived from chronic kidney disease. Most of chronic renal failure patients usually have the history of nephritis or other chronic kidney disease while some patients have CRF without kidney disease history. One in five Chronic Renal Failure patients had chronic Pyelonephritis before, most of which are female and had recurrent urinary infection history. There are some patients with Chronic Renal Failure as the initial symptom.
Immunotherapyatic diseases that involve the whole body such as diabetes, Immunotherapyatic lupus Erythematosus, allergic purpura, gout, hypertensive renal artery atherosclerosis, primary or secondary amyloidosis and multiple myeloma—all can lead to renal failure.
Hereditary polycystic nephropathy, analgesic, heavy metal, disease that can cause chronic lower urinary tract obstruction, prostatic hyperplasia for one, and some rare diseases such as polyarteritis nodosa, macroglobulinemia and cirrhosis—all these can lead to decline of kidney function and finally end up with chronic kidney disease.
The popular causes of chronic kidney disease or even renal failure in China: diabetes, hypertension, stones, tuberculosis, polycystic kidney disease and benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Then How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease?
The basic method of chronic kidney disease prevention is to strengthen the immunity and reduce the infection possibility, in consideration of the pathogen. Then, how to conduct daily chronic kidney disease prevention?
a) To avoid overstrain and being stressed-out. As overwork for examination and pulling all-nighter can aggravate Chronic Nephritis, Chronic Nephritis patients have to have good life style and keep a regular life. They should make a scientific schedule according to which proper physical exercise is needed but no supermotility. Secondly, rational diet with proper nutrition can strengthen the immunity. What’s more, trying to be relaxing and happy, they should pay more attention to individual hygiene, keep the environment clean and develop a good hygiene habit in daily life. In one word, we must have a strong health consciousness.
b) Being cautious of bacteria or viruses infection: the common cause of Acute Nephritis is bacteria or viruses infection, especially UPI, asymptomatic bacteriuria, flu, pharyngitis, trancheobronchitis etc. which may aggravate the Chronic Nephritis. We have to actively prevent and treat the lesion infection and Acute Nephritis. Patients should reduce the possibility of organism infection. They should prevent cold, suppurative tonsillitis and skin suppurative infection. Once patients have the above diseases, Acute Nephritis or other primary glomerular diseases, a complete treatment is needed. If the Acute Nephritis patients have the chronic infection in lesions, an operation is needed, if necessary, after the illness condition is steady 3~6 months later, which can prevent these diseases from developing into Chronic Nephritis.
c) To take care of the diet nutrition: Nephritis patients should avoid high-protein food and eat more fresh fruits and natural food. The principle is that with being light and tasty, the food should be various in kinds and rational in collocation.
d) Regular physical examination. If the Chronic Nephritis patients don’t feel better and may the signs such as more nocturnal urine, appetite loss, discomfort or soreness and swelling at the lower back, edema in eyelids and abnormal urination in the morning, it implies that there is a possibility of kidney disease. The earlier diagnosis and timely treatment can prevent Chronic Nephritis。

All in all, we can not pay too much attention to prevent the occurrence of chronic kidney disease. And we need to start from daily details to maximally reduce the incidence of chronic kidney disease.

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