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Topic in World Diabetes Day November 14th, 2011

Diabetes, as one of the oldest diseases, always can cause renal damages and thus to result in Chronic Kidney Disease. Since Diabetes is such a harmful disease, World Diabetes Day is founded to spread related knowledge. Besides, to reduce harms from Diabetes, a topic about Diabetes is made in every World Diabetes Day and the topic in this year is immediate action to Diabetes.
November 14th, 2011 is the fifth World Diabetes Day and as living style changes, incidence of Diabetes is on the rise. With increasing morbidity, Diabetes is worth knowing for us every body. Factors which can cause Diabetes are common in our daily life such asobesity, unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking alcohol and insufficiency of exercises. Moreover, complications of Diabetes which include Diabetic Nephropathy, Diabetic Retinopathy, heart cerebrovascular disease as well as thromboembolism all can produce bad influences on people’s health. As Diabetes brings about so many damages to us, preventing its occurrence is very essential.
Facing such a life-threatening disease, taking some preventive measures in our daily life is very necessary. For example, doing some physical exercises can help us to maintain reasonable body weight, so as to lower the incidence of Diabetes. In fact, just doing exercises is not enough. In our daily life, limiting the intake of sugar is very important as well. Moreover, for these who have been diagnosed with Diabetes, measuring blood sugar regularly is requisite.

Compared with Chronic Kidney Disease which is an intractable disease, Diabetes is not so terrible; so even we are diagnosed with it, we should not worry about too much. One more thing, once we suffer from Diabetes, controlling blood sugar actively is the first thing for them to prevent its aggravation.

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