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Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Damages on kidney can be divided into Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease which usually is shorted as CKD. Chronic Kidney Disease has a long progress course and this course is separated into five stages. Here this article gives an introduction about stage 3 kidney disease.
Stage 3 kidney disease is characterized by glomerular filtration rate ranging from 30 mL/min/1.73 m2 to 59 mL/min/1.73 m2. Usually in stage 3, kidney disease always presents some symptoms which include swelling, fatigue, frequent urination at night, changed urine color, foamy urine, vomit, poor appetite and lower back pain. These symptoms are common in our daily life, so they are very easy to be overlooked. Therefore, sometimes, even if kidney disease has presented some signs, some people still have not realized that they are sick. This is why Chronic Kidney Disease is hard to be founded in the early stages.
Although Chronic Kidney Disease is hard to be treated, actually, it is quite possible for sufferers to get recovery and the precondition is that they must get their disease treated in the very early stage. As to people with stage 3 kidney disease, their kidneys have been damaged greatly and already can not help them maintain the basic normal life. Therefore, usually, it is nearly impossible for them to get radical recovery, but as long as they receive effective treatment and follow the directions of doctors, then they are quite likely to live a normal life with their disease.
Treatment of stage 3 kidney disease not only refers to the medical treatment, but also the assistant treatment as dietetic therapy. Apart from these, good living habits also are very important for sufferers of Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease. (For the specific dietary principles and living habits, you can consult our consultant online)

Kidney disease in stage 3 is not as serious as many people have imagined, but if we just leave it uncontrolled, it will deprive our life finally.

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